Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Raising Hammer

A hammer with a long head and a rounded face,used in lifting sheet metal.

Raising Piece

A piece of timber laid on a brick wall,or on the top of posts or puncheons of a timber framed house,to carry a beam or beams;a template.

Raising Plate

A horizontal timber resting on a wall,or upon vertical timbers of a frame,and supporting the heels of rafters or other frame work;also called a wall plate.


The term for shingles in Spanish Colonial architecture in the American Southwest. 


1.A slope;an inclination;e.g.,the inclination (from the horizontal) of an auditorium floor.2.A board or molding along the sloping edge of a gable;covers the edges of the siding.3.On the roof of an early colonial house,a flat board covering the lower ends of the rafters.

Rake Dimension

Same as pitch dimension.

Rake-out,raking Out

In masonry,preparing mortar joints for pointing.


Said of any surface that is inclined with respect to the horizontal,such as a raked molding,or the inclined surface of a raked cornicein a triangular pediment.

Raked Joint

A joint made by removing the surface of mortar,while it is still soft,with a square edged tool;is difficult to make watertight;produces marked shadows and tends to darken the overall appearance of a wall.

Raked Molding

Same as raking molding.


1.A tool for raking out decayed mortar from the joints of brickwork,preparatory to repointing them.2.Any inclined member,as a brace,or pile.3.A raking shore.

Raker Pile

Same as batter pile.


Inclining; having a rake or inclination.

Raking Arch

Same as rampant arch.

Raking Back

Same as racking.

Raking Bond

A method of bricklaying in which the bricks are laid at an angle in the face of the wall;either diagonal bond or herringbone bond.raking coping A coping set on an inclined surface,as at a gable end.

Raking Corbel Table

A corbel table on a slant.

Raking Cornice

A cornice following the slope of a gable,pediment, or roof.

Raking Course

A course of bricks laid diagonally between face courses of a thick wall to strengthen it.

Raking Flashing

A flashing,parallel to the roof slope,which is used to cover the intersection of a chimney and a sloping roof.

Raking Molding, Raked Molding

1.Any molding adjusted at a slant,rake,or ramp.2.Any overhanging molding which has a rake or slope downward and outward.

Raking Pile

A pile that is not driven vertically;a batter pile.

Raking Riser

On stairs,a riser,1 which is not perpendicular to the tread,but inclined inward to permit more footroom on the tread below.

Raking Shore, Inclined Shore

An inclined member which supports a wall;a raker,3.

Raking Stretcher Bond

Similar to stretcher bond,except that each stretcher is displaced  with respect to the one below,so that it overlaps it by a quarter of a brick rather than a half brick.

Raking Strut

A strut that has an inclination with respect to the horizontal;especially used in pairs between principal rafters and tie beams.


In brickwork,preparing mortar joints for pointing.

Ram’s-horn Figure

A curly,wavy figure in wood veneer,like fiddleback.


1.In Spanish architecture and derivatives,a rustic arbor or similar structure.2.An open porch.


A one story dwelling;a ranch house.

Rammed Earth

A material usually consisting of clay,sand,or other aggregate (such as sea shells) and water,which has been compressed and dried;used in building construction.


A power driven tool used to compact soil or other granular material.


1.A sloped surface connecting two or more planes at different levels.2.A concave sweep in a vertical plane.3.The paved area of an airport between the terminal building and the taxiways,used to park airplanes during loading and unloading.4.According to the Americans with Disabilities Act,a walking surface whose running slope is less steep than 1-in-20.

Ramp And Twist

Any surface that rises and twists simultaneously.

Rampant Arch, Raking Arch

An arch in which the impost on one side is higher than that on the other.

Rampant Vault

A continuous wagon vault,or a cradle vault,whose two abutments are located windows decorated with shutters;frequently,glass sliding doors that open onto a porch or patio at the side or rear of the house;an attached garage.


An elevated earthen wall for purposes of defense,located on the inner side of a ditch surrounding a bastioned fort.


Same as walk-walk. 

Ramped Step

 A step with a sloping tread. 

Ramped Steps

See stepped ramp. 

Ramping Vault

Same as rampant vault.


A shore.

Ranch House

A rambling one-story house,especially popular in the mid-20th century;usually designed to emphasize the horizontal aspects of the house.Typically characterized by:an asymmetrical plan;exterior wall cladding of stucco,brick,wood,or some combination thereof;a low-pitched roof with eaves having a moderate to-wide overhang,a hipped,cross gabled,or side gabled roof;exposed rafters;ribbon windows,windows across the upper floors;on the ground floor,the entry door is tallied as one of the windows,so it has five windows plus the door.

Ranch-type Shingle

A rectangular (usually asbestos cement) shingle which is lapped at the top and on the side.


A border,or a fillet cut from a border in the process of straightening it.

Randle Bar.

A horizontal iron bar,built into a jamb of a fireplace,that projected over the fire so that pots could be suspended from it for cooking;also see chimney hook, fireplace crane,trammel.

Random Ashlar

Masonry in which rectangular stones are set without continuous joints and appear to be laid without a fixed pattern;also called random bond or random work.

Random Bond

See random ashlar.

Random Course

One of a number of horizontal stone masonry courses which are of unequal height.

Random Length

In piping,see mill length.