Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Random Line

In surveying,a trial line toward a fixed terminal point which is invisible from the initial point.

Random Noise

A type of noise comprised of transient disturbances which occur at random times;its instantaneous magnitudes are specified only by probability distribution functions which give the fraction of the total time that the magnitude lies within a specified range.

Random Paving

Paving using irregularly shaped stones.

Random Range Ashlar

Same as random work. 

Random Rubble

Same as rubblework. 

Random Shingle

One of many shingles of uniform length,but of any width.

Random Slate

One of many slate shingles installed in irregular pattern,using varying sizes.

Random Tooled Ashlar

See random work.

Random Widths

Boards,lumber,shingles,etc.,of nonuniform widths.

Random Work,broken Ashlar,random Range Ashlar,random Range Work

1.Random stonework.2.Masonry of rectangular stone not laid in regular courses,but broken up by the use of stones of different heights and widths,fitted closely.


1.In masonry,a row or course,as of stone.2.A line of objects in direct succession,as a range of columns.

Range Closet

A latrine having a number of seats.

Range Hood

An open metal enclosure over cooking surfaces through which air is drawn in from the surrounding spaces,entraining grease,heated air,and odors.

Range Masonry, Rangework

See coursed ashlar.

Range Pile

A pile which serves as a guide for locating other piles.

Range Pole

Same as range rod.

Range Rod, Range Pole

A wood,fiberglass,aluminum,or steel lining pole used by surveyors as a sighting rod for locating points or directions of lines in marking alignment;approx.1 in.(2.5 cm) thick and 6 to 10 ft (approx. 2 to 3 m) long;usually painted with alternate red and white bands.

Range-in, Wiggling-in

A trial and error procedure for placing a surveyor’s instrument on a previously established line.

Ranged Rubble

Same as rubblework.


Same as wale.


Masonry in which the stones are of equal height within each course,but all courses need not be of the same height.

Ranging Bond

In masonry,a chain bond formed by small strips of wood at the face of the wall,commonly laid in the joints,and projecting slightly to provide a nailing surface for battens,furring,etc.

Ranging Pole

Same as range rod.

Rapid-curing Asphalt

Liquid asphalt composed of asphalt cement and a naphtha or gasoline type diluent of high volatility.

Rapid-curing Cutback

Same as rapid curing asphalt.

Rapid-start Fluorescent Lamp

A fluorescent lamp designed for operation with a ballast having a low-voltage winding for preheating the electrodes and for initiating an arc;may be operated on preheat fluorescent circuits;does not require a starter or the use of high voltage.


A coarse file having its surface dotted with protruding pointed teeth.

Rat Stop

In masonry wall construction,a barrier to prevent rats from burrowing down along the exterior of a foundation wall.

Rat-trap Bond

A modification of Flemish bond with the stretchers laid on edge.

Ratchet Brace

A brace,3 with a ratchet driven chuck,permitting its use in confined spaces where complete circular sweeps of an ordinary brace would be impossible.

Ratchet Drill

A hand-driven drill,1 which has a ratchet-driven chuck;used in confined spaces.

Ratchet Screwdriver

See spiral ratchet screwdriver.

Rate Of Decay

Same as decay rate.

Rate Of Growth

Same as growth rate.

Rated Current

The current that an electrical device can carry,under specified conditions,without resulting in overheating or mechanical overstress.

Rated Horsepower

Of an engine or prime mover,the maximum horsepower that can be provided under normal,continuous operation.

Rated Lamp Life.

1.The average life of a lamp of a given type,as determined from a large sample operated under laboratory conditions;the average life of a group of lamps which are operated under variable conditions may not equal the rated lamp life.2.For lamp types whose  luminous output drops to a very low value before the lamps cease to operate:the time when the out put of a large sample of lamps under controlled laboratory conditions reaches a specified fraction of the initial output.

Rated Load

In vertical transportation,the load in pounds or kilograms which an elevator,lift,dumbwaiter,or escalator is designed to lift at its rated speed.

Rated Speed

The speed in feet (or meters) per minute at which a device,apparatus,conveyance,elevator,etc.,is designed to operate in the upward direction with the rated load.

Rating Correction Factor.

The fraction by which the rated electrical load or current must be multiplied to obtain the appropriate figure to estimate the total load for design purposes.

Ravelin, Demilune

In fortifications,a projecting outwork forming a salient angle.


In asphalt pavement,the progressive disintegration by the dislodgement of aggregate particles,from the surface downward or from the edges inward.

Raw Brick

An unfired brick,before it has been inserted in a kiln.

Raw Linseed Oil

Linseed oil which has been refined but has not undergone further treatment,such as boiling,blowing,or bodying.

Raw Water

1.In ice making,any water used for ice making except distilled water.2.Water,from any source,that requires treatment before it can be used,e.g.,as in steam generation.

Rawl Plug

A proprietary name for a concrete insert.