Architectural and Engineering Glossary


1.See carpet warp.2.Distortion in shape of a parallel plane surface;in lumber,usually results from a change in moisture content.

Warp Wire

In wire cloth,a wire running parallel to the length of the cloth.


Said of thin bedded rock,such as flagging,having a natural curved or a rippled finish similar to warped wood.


The deviation of a surface from its original or intended shape,as a concrete slab or wall surface;esp.caused by moisture and temperature differentials.

Warping Joint

A joint permitting warping of pavement slabs when moisture and/or temperature differentials occur in the pavement.


See guarantee.

Warranty Deed

A written instrument conveying real property,in which the grantor makes legally binding representations concerning the quality of his title and its freedom from encumbrances.

Warren Truss, Warren Girder

A form of truss having parallel upper and lower chords,with connecting members which are inclined,forming a series of approximately equilateral triangles. 


1.The sloping upper surface of a building member,as a coping or sill,to carry away water;said of any other member serving such a function.See also drip cap.2.A manner of applying water color in a rendering.Also see wall washing.

Wash Boring

The drilling of test hole in the ground to obtain soil samples that are brought up along with a mixture of water.

Wash Coat

A very thin,semitransparent coat of paint;applied as a preliminary coating on a surface;acts as a sealer or guide coat.

Wash Fountain

A large lavatory type vessel which supplies tempered water for group washing of hands and faces.

Wash Light

Same as wall wash luminaire.

Wash Primer

A primer containing polyvinyl butyral,zinc chromate,alcohol,and phosphoric acid;applied in a thin film to bare steel,causes etching of the metal,thereby promoting adhesion of the subsequent coat.

Wash Water, Flush Water

Water carried on a truck mixer in a special tank for flushing the interior of the concrete mixer after discharge of the concrete.


Capable of being washed repeatedly without significant erosion and without change in appearance or functional characteristics.

Washable Distemper

A distemper which contains an emulsified oil,giving washable characteristics to a distemper coating.


Same as lavatory.


Same as baseboard.

Washed Finish

See rustic finish.


A flat ring,usually thin,of metal,rubber,or other material,depending on its use;used to prevent leakage,to provide insulation;used as the bearing surface under the head of a fastener,such as a bolt,to assure tightness,relieve friction,improve stress distribution,or span large clearance holes.


A room providing facilities for washing;a lavatory or toilet room.


1.The discharge from any fixture,appliance,area,or appurtenance which contains no fecal matter.2.See sanitary waste.3.Waste material such as garbage,refuse,rubbish,and trash.

Waste Branch

Same as waste pipe.

Waste Compactor

See compactor.

Waste Fuel

A fuel which is a waste by product of some industrial process.

Waste Management

1.In the public sector,a systems approach to the efficient control of the disposal of waste in a community or region;requires the establishment of a policy regarding environmental standards,the collection and treatment of wastes,the monitoring of air,soil,and water quality,and the enforcement of established regulations.2.In for profit organizations,the carrying out of similar functions,with the exception of enforcement.

Waste Material

See garbage,refuse,rubbish,and trash.

Waste Pipe

A drainpipe which receives the waterborne discharge from plumbing fixtures other than those fixtures receiving fecal matter;also see indirect waste pipe.

Waste Plug

A tapered device used to prevent the flow of water through the drain of a wash basin or the like.

Waste Receptacle

A container for holding or facilitating the removal of refuse.

Waste Stack

A vertical pipe which conveys liquid wastes which are free of fecal matter.

Waste Vent

Same as stack vent.

Waste Water

See waste.

Waste Well

Same as leaching cesspool.

Waste-disposal Unit

An electric motor driven device for grinding waste food and disposing of it through the plumbing drainage pipes;may be installed without a grease trap in a residence.

Waste-food Grinder

Same as waste disposal unit.

Waste-heat Recovery

The use of waste heat in a building to preheat cold water before it is fed into a hot water heater.


A second or cull.


In stonecutting,splitting off the surplus stone with a wedge shaped chisel (called a point),or with a pick,so that the faces of the stone are reduced to nearly plane surfaces;dabbing.


Buddhist monastery in Cambodia.

Watch Turret

Same as bartizan.

Watching Loft

1.Same as excubitorium,1.2.A lookout in a tower,steeple,or other high building.

Watchman’s System

An approved installation of equipment used to record the rounds of a watchman.

Water Absorption

Of a test specimen,the increase in weight after immersion in water for a specified time,expressed as a percentage of its dry weight;usually the test conditions are specified.

Water Analysis

A chemical analysis of the dissolved materials in water,including a determination of the amount of suspended solids and the pH value.

Water Back

A system of pipes or a reservoir of water at the back of a fireplace,or the like,to utilize its heat in providing a supply of hot water. 

Water Bar,weather Bar

A wood or metal strip which is fixed to the sill of an external door or a window to resist the penetration of water.

Water Blasting

The cutting or abrading of an exterior surface by a stream of water ejected from a nozzle at high velocity.

Water Cement

Same as hydraulic cement.