Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Wall Guard

A protective,resilient strip which is applied to the surface of a wall (esp.along a corridor) to prevent its being damaged by carts, wagons, and the like.

Wall Handrail

 A rail,1 similar to a handrail, but attached to a wall adjacent to a stair, paralleling the pitch of the flight.

Wall Hanger

A stirrup or bracket built into a masonry wall to carry the end of a horizontal member.

Wall Height

The vertical distance to the top of a wall, measured from the foundation wall, or from a girder or other immediate support of such wall.

Wall Hook

1.A special large nail or hook used as a beam anchor or for holding a wall plate fixed in position.2.Same as wall iron.

Wall Iron

A hook or bracket fixed to a masonry wall to hold downspouts,lightning rods,etc.;a wall hook, 2.

Wall Joint

The mortar joint between the stretchers in a brick wall;runs at right angles to a head joint.

Wall Line

A line along the exterior face of a wall. 

Wall Liner

A sheet of fabric which is applied to a wall to prevent cracks,small gaps,or the like from showing through a covering such as wallpaper.

Wall Opening

According to OSHA:an opening at least 30 in.(76.2 cm) high and  18  in.(45.8 cm) wide,in any wall or partition,through which persons may fall,such as a chute opening. 

Wall Outlet.

An electrical receptacle,whose face is flush with a wall,into which a plug is inserted.

Wall Panel

A panel wall.

Wall Piece

See wall plate 2.

Wall Plate

A horizontal member (such as a timber) across a timber framed,masonry,or concrete wall to carry and distribute the load imposed by members that support the roof.

Wall Plug

1.Same as wall outlet.2.A plug.

Wall Pocket

Same as wall box.

Wall Post

1.A post which is next to a wall,in a partition.2.A post, fixed to a wall,against which a fence terminates,or from which a gate may be hung.3.A post that supports a wall plate.

Wall Rail

Same as wall handrail.

Wall Rib

In medieval vaulting,a longitudinal rib against an exterior wall of a vaulting compartment.

Wall Shaft

A colonette supported on a corbel or bracket which appears to support a rib of vaulting.

Wall Siding

See siding.

Wall Sign

1.A sign mounted on,or fastened to,a wall.2.In some codes in the US,a sign attached to the exterior wall of a building and projecting not more than 15 in. therefrom.

Wall Socket

A wall outlet.

Wall Spacer

A metal tie for holding a concrete form in position until the poured concrete has set.

Wall Stay

Same as anchor 

Wall String, Wall Stringer

A stair string set against a wall.

Wall Tie

In masonry,a type of anchor (usually a metal strip) used to secure facing to a backup wall or to connect the two withes of a cavity wall;mortared into joints during setting.Also see butterfly wall tie,cavity wall tie,veneer wall tie.

Wall Tile

A glazed tile,1 used as a facing on a wall.

Wall Tower

A tower forming an essential part of a defensive wall,especially one having a series of towers to enhance its fortification.

Wall Tracery

Tracery that is false in the sense that there is no associated openwork;instead,the tracery is shown in relief on a solid wall.

Wall Vent

A ventilation device for a wall cavity,crawl space,or attic.

Wall-bearing Partition

A load bearing partition.

Wall-hung Water Closet

A water closet mounted on a wall, so that no part of it touches the floor.

Wall-wash Luminaire

Any luminaire located adjacent to a vertical surface on which its light is principally directed.


Lighting a wall by luminaires located close to the plane of the wall.


A rigid sheet composed primarily of wood pulp, gypsum, or other materials; may be fastened to the frame of a building to provide an interior surface finish; the long edges of the board usually are tapered to provide easy treatment of the joints when board is erected. Also see dry wall.


1.Walls collectively. 2.Materials for constructing walls.


Paper,or paper like material,usually decorated in colors,which is pasted or otherwise affixed to walls or ceilings of rooms.


A tough,dark brown to black wood having high strength; does not split easily;has a fine to-coarse open grain;takes a high polish.


A rounded edge or bark along an edge or at a corner of a piece of lumber;usually caused by sawing too near the surface of the log.


1.A metal obstruction in a lock;intended to prevent entrance or rotation of a key that does not fit the lock. 2.The outer defenses of a castle.Also see bailey.3.A division in a hospital.

Wardrobe, Garderobe

A room for the storage of garments.

Ware Pipe

Same as vitrified clay pipe.


A building designed for the storage of various goods.

Warehouse Set

The partial hydration of cement stored for periods of time and exposed to atmospheric moisture.

Warm-air Furnace

A self contained unit for heating air which is circulated through it;the air either is conveyed through ducts or is discharged directly into the space being heated.

Warm-air Heating System

A warm air heating plant consisting of a fuel burning furnace,enclosed in a casing,from which the heated air is distributed to various rooms of the building through ducts.

Warm-setting Adhesive

An intermediate temperature setting adhesive.


Same as calefactory.

Warning Pipe

An overlow pipe whose outlet is conspicuous,so that discharge from it can be observed readily.