Architectural and Engineering Glossary



A sheet of tinplate, or the like, which is of less than standard thickness.


1.Exposed lower portion of a slate shingle.2. Tailing.3.See rafter tail.4.See lookout.

Tail Cut

1.A cut in the lower end of a rafter where it overhangs the wall; sometimes ornamental.2.The seat cut at the lower end of a rafter.

Tail Trimmer

A trimmer placed next to a wall,into which the ends of the joists are fastened instead of supporting them on the wall.


1.That portion of a projecting stone or series of stones,as in a cornice,which is built into a wall.2.See tailings.

Tailing In

1.Securing one end or edge of a projecting masonry unit,as a cornice.2.To fasten one end of a timber,as a floor joist at a wall.

Tailing Iron

A steel member,built into a wall, to take the upward thrust of a cantilevered member,directly below it, projecting from the wall.


1.Stones which do not pass through the largest openings of a screen used to separate sizes (as after a crushing operation). 2.The residue or leavings of any product.


1.A short beam,joist,or rafter,which is supported by a header joist at one end and a wall at the other;also called a tail beam or tail joist.2.An extension to centering,where there is a projection from an impost; can be removed easily.3.A look out.4.A pipe tee used with a sink drain.


Any device or mechanism for taking up slack.

Take-up Block

A guided pulley block,rigged  so that its weight or spring loading prevents slack from occurring in lines passing through it.


Same as quantity survey.


Of property,a government action that substantially disturbs or interferes with an owner’s use and enjoyment of the property.


A Swedish pine shingle for roofing.


A soft mineral composed of hydrous magnesium silicate;a major ingredient of soapstone;used on roll roofing to prevent sticking in the roll. 


A chimney pot of long and slender form,intended to improve the draft.


See talus.


A loft or attic.

Talon Molding

An ogee.

Talus Wall

A wall having an inclined face;a battered wall.

Talus, Tallus

1.The slope or inclination of any work,as a talus wall.2.Coarse rock fragments,mixed with soil,at the foot of a cliff or natural slope.


See larch.


1.A column drum.2.Any generally drum shaped member.


See Japanese ash.


To compact a material or surface,such as earth or freshly placed concrete,by repeated blows.


A compaction device for consolidating a granular material such as soil,backfill,or unformed concrete;usually powered by a motor.Also see jitterbug.

Tamping Rod

A straight steel rod,having a rounded tip at one end.

Tamping Roller

See sheepsfoot roller.


A cone shaped hardwood tool used by plumbers;forced into the end of a lead pipe to increase its diameter.

Tanalized Lumber

Sometimes said of lumber that has been treated with a preservative.


The slender projecting tongue,or prong,forming part of one object that serves to secure it to another,as the projecting tongue on a chisel that secures it to a handle.


Of lines,curves,and surfaces:meeting at a single point and having,at that point,the same direction.

Tangent Sawn

Same as plain sawn.

Tangential Flow Filtration

Same as crossflow filtration.

Tangential Shrinkage

The shrinkage across the width of plain sawn lumber.

Tangential Stress

A shear stress.

Tanguile, Tangile

A hardwood which resembles true mahogany,but shrinks and swells to a greater extent when exposed to moisture;the sapwood is light red,and the heartwood is brownish red.


A waterproof lining for a basement floor and walls.

Tankless Heater

A hot water heater having a metal coil,through which an electric current flows,which is immersed in a boiler;especially used in homes.Also see instantaneous type water heater.


1.A connection to a water supply main.2. A faucet.3.A tool used for cutting internal threads,as in a pipe.

Tap Bolt

A machine bolt,threaded relatively close to the head,which is screwed into a hole in a material without the use of a nut.

Tap Borer

A hand tool used by plumbers for boring tapered holes,as in a lead pipe when making a connection to it.

Tape Balance

A sash balance in which the weight of the sash is counterbalanced by the force supplied by a metal tape coiled on a spring loaded reel.

Tape Correction

A correction applied to a distance measured with a tape to eliminate errors caused by the physical condition of the tape or by the way the tape was used.

Tape Joint

A flat joint,sealed with a joint compound and covered with a reinforcing tape which provides added strength.

Tape Measure, Tapeline

A steel ribbon used for the measurement of distances;in the US,surveyor’s and engineer’s tapes usually are accurately graduated in feet,tenths,and hundredths of a foot;builder’s tapes are graduated in feet,inches,and fractions of an inch;also called a steel measuring tape.


1.See joint  tape.2.See taping strip.3.See tape measure.4.See friction  tape.5.See thermoplastic insulating tape.6.See thermoplastic protective tape.


In Spanish Colonial architecture,a crude rooflike structure supported by four posts;used as a somewhat protected open-storage area for cornstalks,hay,or the like;also see jacal, 1. 


A gradual diminution of thickness in an elongated object,as in a spire.

Taper Pin

A headless,solid pin having controlled diameter,length,and taper,with crowned ends.