Architectural and Engineering Glossary



To work out a surface defect,as on a varnished surface.

Tease Tenon

See teaze tenon.


A horizontal curtain or canvas covered framework,behind and across the top of the proscenium arch of a theater;used to conceal the flies and,together with the tormentors along the sides,to frame the opening of the stage.

Teaze Tenon, Tease Tenon

A tenon,having a stepped outline,on the top of a post;esp.cut to receive two horizontal pieces of timber that cross each other (at right angles) at the post.


The reader’s platform in a synagogue.


Like a roof in form or use.


Of or pertaining to building or construction;architectural.


Covering,forming a roof-like structure.

Tectorium Opus

See opus tectorium.

Tee Iron

1.A flat T-shaped piece of heavy sheet metal having predrilled,countersunk holes;screwed to a joint in wood construction in order to provide reinforcement.2.A section of steel T-beam.

Tee Square

See T-square.


1.A finial in the form of a conventionalized umbrella,used on stupas,topes,and pagodas.2.Same as pipe tee3.A metal member having a constant T-shaped cross section.


Same as tipi.


The proprietary name for polytetrafluoroethylene.


A tile,esp. one of unusual shape or material.


Relating to,or arranged like,a tile.


A roof over a sarcophagus,usually double sloped and supported by narrow columns. 


In Spanish Colonial architecture,a burnt clay roof tile,semicircular in cross section,and usually tapered.


On drawings,abbr.for “telephone.”


A sculptured male human figure used in place of a column to support an entablature;also called an atlas.


The transmission and reception of signals (such as electrical or optical) by wire,optical fiber,or electromagnetic means. 

Telegraphing, Show-through

On a decorative material covering a wall,etc.,irregularities,imperfections,or patterns of an inner layer  which are transmitted to the surface so that they become visible.

Telephone Booth

An enclosure for a telephone in a public area.

Telephone Station

A shelf unit for a telephone in a public area.

Telescope House

A house comprised of several units,each of descending height,giving the building the appearance of fitting together like the components of a collapsible telescope;compare with continuous house.


Any device designed to indicate movement of formwork.


A sacred enclosure surrounding a temple or other holy spot.


On drawings,abbr. for “temperature.”


1.To mix lime,sand,and water in such proportions as to make mortar for masonry or plastering.2.To moisten and mix clay to proper consistency to form bricks,etc.,prior to hardening by fire.3.To bring to a proper degree of hardness and elasticity for use,as steel or other metal,by heat treatment.4.To impregnate wood fibers or composition board with a drying oil or other oxidizing resin and subsequently to cure with heat so as to improve the strength,hardness,water resistance,and durability of the board.


A rapidly drying paint consisting of egg white (or egg yolk,or a mixture of egg white and yolk),gum,pigment,and water;esp.used in painting murals.

Temperature Cracking

The cracking of a concrete member due to tensile failure caused by a temperature drop (if member is subjected to external restraints) or caused by a temperature differential (if member is subjected to internal restraints).

Temperature Reinforcement

In reinforced concrete,reinforcement that is designed to resist tensile stresses resulting from changes in temperature.

Temperature Relay

A relay that operates at a predetermined temperature in the apparatus which it protects.

Temperature Relief Valve

A temperature actuated safety valve designed to open automatically when the temperature of the water being heated exceeds a preset value.

Temperature Rise

In cement,the increase in temperature resulting from the absorption of heat or from the internally generated heat,as by the hydration of cement in concrete.

Temperature Steel

Steel reinforcement which is placed in a concrete slab,or the like,to minimize the possibility of developing cracks as a result of temperature changes.

Temperature Stress

See thermal stress.

Temperature Stress Rod

In reinforced concrete,one of a number of steel rods laid perpendicular to the reinforcing bars or rods to prevent cracks from forming parallel to the reinforcement,as a result of stresses from drying or from thermal stresses;a type of temperature reinforcement.

Tempered Board

A durable wood fiber or composition board;also see temper,4.

Tempered Glass

(US),toughened glass(Brit.) Glass having two to five times the strength of ordinary glass as a result of having been prestressed by heating and then suddenly quenched;the rapid cooling produces a compressively stressed surface layer.

Tempered Steel

Steel that has been heated to a high temperature and then quenched,usually a number of times,a process that significantly hardens it;also called case hardened steel.

Tempered Water

Water in the temperature range from 85F (29C) to 110F (43C).


A small temple,especially one of ornamental character,during the Renaissance or later;many such structures were constructed in the gardens of imposing country houses.

Template Hardware

Hardware that exactly matches a master template drawing,as to spacing of all holes and dimensions.

Template, Templet

1.A pattern,usually of sheet material,used as a guide for setting out work and in repeating dimensions.2.A piece of stone,metal,or timber placed in a wall  to receive the impost of a beam,girders,etc.,and to distribute its load.3.A beam or plate spanning a door or window space to sustain joists and transfer their load to piers.4.One of the wedges in a building block.


1.An impressive edifice for a particular public use.2.A Classical edifice dedicated to the service of an ancient deity,usually connected with a system of worship.3.A structure specifically used for worship,for example,a synagogue or a Buddhist temple.

Temple Tower

A ziggurat.


Same as template.


A trabeated colonnade which closes off the bema of a Byzantine church.

Temporary (electrical) Service

Electrical service used for a limited time during construction,exhibits,or similar temporary purposes.