Architectural and Engineering Glossary


Taper Pipe

See diminishing pipe.

Taper Thread

A screw thread which is formed on a cone or the frustum of a cone;used on some types of fasteners;used in plumbing on pipes and fittings,1 to ensure a gastight joint.

Tapered Edge Strip

In built up roofing,a tapered strip of insulation used to raise the roofing at its perimeter,where there are penetrations through the roofing.

Tapered Tenon

A tenon which decreases in width from the root toward the end.

Tapered Tread

The horizontal surface of a step that is wider at the outer end than at the inner end,as in a spiral stair.

Tapered Valley

In roofing,a valley,formed between shingles,slates,or tiles,which is wider at the bottom than the top.

Tapered-roll Pantile

A roofing pantile having a roll that has a slight increase in width from the head to the tail of the tile.


A fabric,worked on a warp by hand,the designs employed usually being pictorial;used for wall hangings or the like.

Tapestry Brick

Same as rustic brick.


An adobe like building material consisting mainly of earth or clay in which small pebbles was imbedded; this term is also occasionally applied to puddled adobe.


Measuring distance on the ground with a tape or chain.

Taping Arrow

See chaining pin.

Taping Compound

A compound that is specifically formulated and manufactured for embedding a joint reinforcing tape at a gypsum board joint.

Taping Pin

See chaining pin.

Taping Strip

1.A strip of roofing felt laid over the joints between adjacent precast concrete roof slabs;prevents bitumen which is applied subsequently from dripping into the space below.2.A strip used to cover the joint between adjacent roof insulation boards.

Tapped Fitting

Any pipe fitting,1 having a tapped internal thread to receive a threaded  pipe.

Tapped Tee

In plumbing,a bell end tee which has a branch that is tapped to receive a threaded pipe fitting or a threaded pipe.

Tapping Machine

A machine designed to produce a sequence of uniform impacts on a floor surface;used to measure impact sound transmission of a floor ceiling assembly.

Tapping Screw

See sheet metal screw.


See coal tar pitch.

Tar Cement

Heavier grades of asphalt cement which are prepared for direct use in construction and maintenance of bituminous pavements.

Tar Concrete

See asphaltic concrete.

Tar Paper

See asphalt prepared roofing.

Tar-and-gravel Roofing

A built up roofing which has a surfacing material consisting of gravel in a heavy coat of coaltar pitch.


In surveying,see leveling rod.

Target Rod

See leveling rod.

Tarmac, Tarmacadam

See macadam.


An oxide layer on a metal surface that causes it to dull,often discoloring it.


A waterproof cloth, used in large sheets for covering anything exposed to the weather.

Tarred Felt

Same as asphaltic felt.


Same as inlay.


1.The lowest voussoir or voussoirs of an arch or vault with the joints horizontal instead of radial.2.In vaulting,that section of a group of vault ribs between the line where they spring and the line where they separate.

Task Lighting

Lighting that is directed to a specific area to provide illumination for the performance of a visual task.


In Spanish Colonial architecture,a barn to house animals or to store agricultural produce. 


A thick straw mat serving as floor covering in the Japanese house.Used as standard unit of floor area,approx.3 ft by 6 ft (1 m by 2 m).


See bull’s head.

Tax Abatement

The reduction of real estate taxes on a property;usually accomplished by means of a reduction in its assessed value.

Tax Exemption

The release of a property from the obligation to pay real estate taxes.


Thatched roofing.


A building,often temporary,which yields a minimal return on investment,usually little more than real estate taxes.


Abbr. for through bolt.


On drawings,abbr. for terra cotta.

Tchahar Taq

Square open pavilion in Sassanian architecture (A.D. 224–651),composed of four columns with four arches supporting a dome,mostly over an altar.

Tea Garden

1.A Japanese garden next to a tea house,usually small and serene.2.An outdoor tearoom in a public garden,serving refreshments,including tea.


A hoist.

Teagle Post

In timber framing,a post supporting one end of a tie beam.


A Japanese garden house used for the tea ceremony.


A dark golden yellow or brown wood with a greenish or black cast,found in southeastern Asia,India,and Burma;moderately hard,coarse-grained,very durable; oil which it contains gives it a greasy feeling and makes it immune to the attack of insects;used for exterior construction,plywood,and decorative paneling;also called Indian oak.

Tear Strength

A material’s resistance against being pulled apart.


A defect in the surface of porcelain enamel,characterized by crackle or short breaks which have been healed.