Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Axed Arch

An arch which is constructed of bricks that have been roughly cut into a wedge shape. 

Axed Brick,rough Axed Brick

A brick,shaped with an ax,that has not been trimmed;when laid,the joints for such bricks are thicker than those for gauged brick.


An ax for spalling or dressing rough stone;has either one cutting edge and one hammer face or two cutting edges.

Axial Force Diagram

In statics,a graphical representation of the axial load acting at each section of a structural member,plotted to scale and with proper sign as an ordinate at each point of the member and along a reference line representing the length of the member.

Axial Load, Axial Force

The resultant longitudinal internal component of force which acts perpendicular to the cross section of a structural member and at its centroid,producing uniform stress.


A straight line indicating center of symmetry of a solid or plane figure.