Architectural and Engineering Glossary



A flat hand tool having a broad steel blade;used to apply,spread,and shape plaster or mortar or to impart a relatively smooth surface to concrete floors and other unformed concrete surfaces in the final stages of finishing operations.

Trowel Finish

A smooth-finished surface produced by troweling.

Troweled Joint

A mortar joint in a masonry wall;it is finished by removing excess mortar with a trowel.

Troweling Machine

A motor-driven device that operates orbiting steel trowels on radial arms,which rotate on a vertical shaft;used to trowel concrete.

Truck Crane

A materials-handling machine consisting of a crane which is mounted on a truck-type vehicle to provide mobility and maneuverability.

Truck Mixer

A mobile unit for hauling and mixing concrete in transit;consists of a rotating drum (in which the concrete materials are placed) that is mounted on a truck chassis.

Truck Zoning Device

On a freight elevator,a device which permits the operator to move the car within a limited distance above a landing with the car door or gate and the hoistway door open.

Truck-mixed Concrete

Concrete that has been mixed in a revolving-drum truck mixer. 

True Bearing

The bearing,4 of a line in rela- tion to the local geographic meridian;used in early descriptions of land boundaries in the US 

True Horizontal

A horizontal plane passing through a point of vision or a perspective center. 

True North

The direction from an observer’s position to the geographic north pole.

True Soil

The upper layer of soil.


A dry-walled rough stone shelter,circular in plan,with a corbeled domical roof,resembling ancient structures and still used in southern Italy.


The central support of a medieval doorway.

Trumpet Arch

A conically shaped squinch,2. 

Truncated Gable

Same as jerkinhead. 

Truncated Roof.

A gable roof or hipped roof whose top has been cut off,forming a flat horizontal surface.

Trunk Lift

Same as freight elevator or goods lift. 

Trunk Sewer

A sewer which receives many tributary branches and serves as an outlet for a large territory;also see main sewer, 2.


See treenail.


A  structure composed of a combination of members (such as chords,1,diagonals,and web members),usually in some triangular arrangement so as to constitute a rigid frame work.See king-post truss, plated truss,queen post truss,Vierendeel truss;also see bowstring beam.

Truss Beam

Same as trussed beam.

Truss Blade

Same as principal rafter.

Truss Chord

A principal member of a truss,braced by web members.

Truss Clip

A metal component that serves as a connection between a truss and a wall plate;resists the forces of wind uplift.

Truss Plate

Same as nail plate.

Truss Rod

1.In a truss,a metal rod used as a member under tension for stiffening.2.A metal rod used as a diagonal tie.


Provided with some form of truss.

Trussed Beam

1.A beam,usually of timber,reinforced with one or more tie rods.2.A beam in the form of a truss;braced by one or more vertical posts supported by inclined rods attached to the ends of the beam.

Trussed Joist

A joist in the form of a truss,as a bar joist.

Trussed Partition

1.A framed partition which is self-supporting at its ends.2.A partition consisting of a continuously supported frame with facing or infilling.

Trussed Purlin

A lightweight trussed beam used as a purlin.

Trussed Ridge Roof

A pitched roof having the upper ends of its rafters supported by a single truss,which runs along the ridge.

Trussed-rafter Roof

A pitched roof having all (or selected) opposite pairs of common rafters triangularly braced.

Trussed-wall Opening

In a framed structure,any opening in which the framing is trussed to carry the load above.

Try Square

A square whose legs are fixed at 90; serves as a guide for marking lines at right angles to an edge or surface,as a scale for laying out work,and as a tool for testing the straightness and/or squareness of edges,faces,etc.

Tub Mixer

See open-top mixer.


On drawings,abbr.for tubing.


1.A thin-walled pipe.2.See lamp.

Tube Pile

A pipe pile.

Tube-and-coupler Scaffold

An assembly consisting of tubing which serves as posts,bearers,braces,ties,and runners,a base supporting the posts,and special couplers which connect the uprights and join the various members.


Any material in the form of a tube.

Tubular Discharge Lamp

Any electric discharge lamp having a straight or curved tubular bulb.

Tubular Lock

A type of bored lock in which the bolt is enclosed in a tube.


A recess in a horizontal mortar joint which is raked out to provide for tuck pointing.

Tuck Pointing,tuck And Pat Pointing,tuck Joint Pointing

The finishing of old masonry joints:the joints are first cleaned out and then filled with fine mortar which is left projecting slightly or with a fillet of putty or lime;also called tuck-and-pat pointing or tuck joint pointing.


The part of a counterflashing,skirting,or roofing felt that is inserted into a chase or reglet in a wall.

Tudor Arch

A relatively flat,slightly pointed arch whose inner surface is struck from four centers;common in the architecture of Tudor England.

Tudor Architecture

The final development of Perpendicular style architecture during the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII,preceding Elizabethan architecture.Characterized by Tudor arches,diaperwork,strapwork,labels and label stops over windows with mullions,ornate brick chimneys.

Tudor Chimney

A term occasionally used for a stepped-back chimney.