Architectural and Engineering Glossary



In the lumber industry,abbr.for “heart girth.”


On drawings,abbr.for house.


The subjective perception of color,,yellow,green,blue,purple,or some combination thereof. White,black and gray colors possess no hue.


An obsolete term for the framework of a building.


The process of adding moisture to a volume of air;for example,to an air conditioning system.


A device for adding moisture to air.

Hung Scaffold

A scaffold that is suspended from the permanent structure of a building.

Hung Window

A window containing one or more hung sashes.

Hungry Joint

A masonry joint lacking sufficient mortar to be weatherproof.


Descriptive of a paint film which shows the minute detail of the background on which it was applied,giving the appearance of skimpiness.

Hurricane Clip

A mechanical device installed at an eaves course of roof tiles to help prevent the tiles from being lifted by wind.

Hurricane Test,dynamic Test

A dynamic test for windows and curtain walls simulating the forces and buffeting of a hurricane;both structural strength and water leakage are evaluated.

Husk Garland

An ornament in the form of a festoon;for example a festoon of nutshells.


1.A rough and plain habitation;often a temporary shelter for soldiers.2.A rustic cabin or similar slight structure.


On drawings,abbr.for “highway.”


Said of a plant produced by crossing two distant varieties or species.

Hybrid Beam

A fabricated metal beam composed of flanges with a material of a specified minimum yield strength different from that  of the web plate.