Architectural and Engineering Glossary


Hip Rib

On domed roofs,a curved hip rafter.

Hip Roll,ridge Roll

A rounded strip of wood,tile,metal,or composition material which is used to cover and finish the hip of a roof.

Hip Roof, Hipped Roof

A roof which slopes upward from all four sides of a building,requiring a hip rafter at each corner.

Hip Skylight

A skylight having sloping  sides that meet to form hips.

Hip Tile

A saddle shaped tile used to cover the hips of a roof.

Hip Vertical

The upright tension member which is attached to the hip,3 of a truss,carries a floor beam at its lower end.

Hipped Dormer

A dormer whose roof has flat surfaces that slope upward at the front of the dormer,as well as on both sides,in a manner similar to that of a hipped roof.

Hipped End

The sloping triangularly shaped end of a hipped roof.

Hipped Gable

See jerkinhead.

Hipped-gable Roof

A seldom used term for jerkinhead roof.

Historiated Capital

A capital having carvings that depict an event or story.

Historic Fabric

Those portions of a building fabric that are of historic significance.

Historic Marker

See marker.

Historic Structure Report

A document prepared for a historic building or structure,land scape,or group of properties;records and analyzes the building or property’s initial construction and subsequent alterations by making use of documentary physical and pictorial evidence.

Hittite Architecture

The distinctive rugged architecture created in central Anatolia at the time of the Hittite Empire (14th to 13th cent.B.C.),preeminent for its fortifications,citadels,and temples.

Hospital Arm Pull

A handle for opening a hospital door without the use of hands,by hooking an arm over the handle.

Hospital Door

A flush door (with or without a glass light) large enough to permit the passage of hospital beds,stretchers,etc.;usually equipped with special hardware.

Hospital Frame

A doorframe with terminated stops.


An inn or a place for the reception of strangers.


 An inn.

Hot Air Furnace

A heating unit enclosed in a casing from which warm air is circulated through the building in ducts by gravity convection or by fans.

Hot Air Heating

A system of heating by which air,warmed above a fire chamber,is distributed through ducts.

Hot Air Seasoned

Same as kiln dried.

Hot Applied Sealant

A compound which is applied in a molten state and cured primarily at ambient temperature.

Hot Cement

Cement which is at a high temperature,usually owing to inadequate or insufficient cooling after manufacture.

Hot Closet

A closet adjacent to a fireplace or oven;used for drying out damp clothes.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

A protective coating applied to ferrous metal by dipping in a bath of molten zinc.

Hot Food Table

See steam table.

Hot Glue

A glue which must be heated before use.Also see hot setting adhesive.

Hot Melt Sealant

Same as hot applied sealant. 

Hot Pressing

The pressure forming,betweenheated platens,of plywood,laminates,particleboard,fiberboard,etc.usually requires thermosetting resins and heat for curing.


A building in which lodging and other services,often board,are provided primarily to transients and,less often,to permanent residents.


A thermoplastic material used as a coating,sealer,or adhesive for wood and other materials.

House Pump

A pump which fills a gravity tank serving as the water supply for a building.

House Raising

See barn raising.

House Sewer

Same as building sewer.

House Slant

A T- or Y-shaped connection between a sewer and a building sewer.


All persons,including family members and any unrelated persons,who occupy a dwelling unit.


Lights in an auditorium which provide general illumination in the seating areas,before and after performances and during intermissions.

Housemaid’s Sink

See bucket sink. 


Same as closed circuit telephone.

Housing Unit

A house,apartment,group of rooms,or a single room occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters.


1.A shed open at the sides and covered overhead for sheltering livestock,produce,or people.2.A poorly constructed and ill-kept house.

Howe Truss

A truss having upper and lower horizontal members,between which are vertical and diagonal members; the vertical members of the web take tension,and the diagonal members are under compression.

Hoyer Effect

In prestressed concrete,the frictional forces resulting from the tendency of the tendons to assume their original diameter (i.e.,their diameter before prestressing).


Abbr.for “high-pressure sodium.”


On drawings,abbr.for “high point.”


On drawings,abbr.for “hour.”


In the lumber industry,abbr.for “heart cubic content.”


In the lumber industry,abbr.for “heart facial area.”