Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Sash Plate

In a horizontally pivoted sash or transom,one of a pair of plates providing the pivot mechanism.

Sash Pull

A small metal plate sunk in a sash rail,or a handle attached to the rail,for raising or lowering the sash.

Sash Pulley,axle Pulley

In a double hung window,a pulley mortised into the side of the frame near the top;the sash cord or sash chain passes over this pulley to the counterweight.

Sash Ribbon

A metal tape used in place of a sash cord.

Sash Saw

A small saw,similar to but smaller than a tenon saw,used for cutting the tenons of sashes.

Sash Socket

Same as sash pole socket.

Sash Spring Bolt

See window spring bolt.

Sash Stop

A small strip nailed or screwed around a cased frame to hold a sash(of a double hung window) in place;also called a window stop.

Sash Stuff

Wood which has been cut to stock sizes and shapes and prepared for making window frames.

Sash Tool

A round brush used for painting frames,glazing bars,and other details of sash windows.

Sash Weight,sash Counterweight

A weight (usually of cast iron) used to balance a vertically sliding sash.

Sash Window

Any window having a sliding (vertically or horizontally) or hung sash,but usually a double hung window.

Sash-pole Socket,sash Socket

A metal plate attached to a sash (or a transom) which is beyond hand reach;the sash can be raised or lowered by means of a pole having a hook at the far end,which is inserted in the socket.

Sash, Window Sash

Any framework of a window;may be movable or fixed;may slide in a vertical plane (as in a double-hung window) or may be pivoted (as in a casement window);a pivoted sash also is called a ventilator,2.

Sassanian Architecture.

Architecture prevalent in Persia under the Sassanian dynasty (3rd to 7th cent. A.D.);excelled in large palace complexes with open iwansand the extensive use of barrel vaults and parabolic domes on squinches of brick or rubblestone,set in plaster mortar and constructed without centering.The massive walls were covered with stucco decor or articulated by pilasters and cornices.

Satellite Community.

A relatively small town,primarily residential,established in the vicinity of a city of much greater size;sometimes called a bedroom community.

Säteri Roof.

In Swedish architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries,a type of hipped roof with vertical breaks which were often provided with windows.

Satin Finish

See scratch brushed finish.

Satin Paint

A paint having a low gloss finish. 

Satin Sheen

The subdued gloss of a paint film. 


A hard,fine-grained,pale to golden yellow wood of the gum arabic(acacia gum)tree;esp.used in cabinetwork and decorative paneling.


Cancellation of an encumbrance on real property,usually by payment of the debt secured by it.

Satisfaction Piece

A document,prepared and executed in such manner as to be appropriate for recording in real estate records,evidencing the fact that an encumbrance has been discharged.


In roofing,a bituminous material,having a low softening point,used for impregnating the felt in asphalt prepared roofing.

Saturated Air.

Air containing the maximum amount of water vapor possible at a given temperature;the partial pressure of the water vapor is equal to the vapor pressure of water at the same temperature.

Saturated Vapor Pressure

The pressure above a liquid at constant temperature which is confined so that the vapor from the liquid accumulates above it;the value depends on the temperature and the properties of the liquid.

Saturation Temperature

The air temperature at which,for any given water vapor content,the air is saturated;any further temperature reduction results in condensation.


1.The condition under which air at a given temperature and pressure holds the maximum amount of water vapor without causing precipitation.2.The degree of purity of a color.A color is said to be saturated when it contains no white.

Saucer Dome

A dome that is very shallow;its radius of curvature of the dome is very large compared with its rise.


A steam bath,of Finnish origin,in which steam is produced by spraying water on very hot stones;in some modern units,heated surfaces other than stone are used.


A cutting tool having a thin,flat metal blade,band,or stiff plate with cutting teeth along the edge;worked either by a reciprocating motion (as in a handsaw) or by a continuous motion (as in a band saw).

Saw Bench

A bench on which a circular saw is mounted.

Sawdust Concrete

A concrete made of a mixture of sawdust and concrete.

Sawed Finish,sawn Face

The surface of any stone which has been sawn,e.g.,sand-sawn,shot-sawn,etc.

Sawed Joint

In hardened concrete,a joint cut by means of special silicon carbide or diamond blades;generally not to the full depth of the member.