Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Sanitary Base, Sanitary Shoe

A congé,usually associated with ceramic tile work.

Sanitary Bend

A pipe bend having a radius of curvature large enough to provide good hydraulic flow characteristics and prevent solids from accumulating at the bend.

Sanitary Building Drain

A building drain which conveys the discharge of plumbing fixtures. 

Sanitary Building House Sewer

A building sewer that carries sewage only.

Sanitary Cove

On a stair,a metal piece serving as a transition between the tread surface and the riser face;used to facilitate cleaning.

Sanitary Cross

A type of pipe cross used as a fitting for a soil pipe;designed with a slight curve in each of the 90transitions so as to channel flow from branch lines toward the direction of the main flow.

Sanitary Drainage

Water and waste material originating at plumbing fixtures floor drains, etc.

Sanitary Engineering.

The application of engineering to the control of environmental conditions related to public health,such as water supply,sewage,and industrial waste.

Sanitary Landfill

Garbage that is buried to a depth which is sufficient to control vermin,odors,etc.

Sanitary Plumbing Fixture

Any receptacle that receives or discharges water,liquid,or water borne waste from a W.C.or urinal into a drainage system to which it is connected.

Sanitary Sewage,domestic Sewage

The sewage containing human excrement or house hold wastes which originates in a water closet.

Sanitary Sewer

A sewer which carries sewage (liquid or waterborne waste from plumbing fixtures) and to which storm and surface water,street runoff,and groundwater are not admitted intentionally.

Sanitary Shoe

Same as sanitary base.

Sanitary Stop

See terminated stop.

Sanitary Tee

A tee,2 used as a fitting for a soil pipe;designed with a slight curve in the 90 transition so as to channel flow from a branch line toward the direction of the main flow.

Sanitary Ware

Porcelain enamel ware,such as bathtubs,sewer pipes,toilet bowls,wash basins,etc.

Santa Fe Style

An architectural mode that is a combination of Pueblo Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.


A lightweight,gray,volcanic tuff;used as pozzolan.


1.The fluid which circulates in trees,plants,etc.2.Same as sapwood.3.See quarry sap.4.To dig a trench under a medieval fortress;used by besiegers who were intent on blowing up an enemy’s defensive structure.

Sap Gum

Wood of gum,1 from either young trees or the outer portion of logs.

Sap Stain

1.Same as blue stain,1.2.A stain used in wood finishing to make sapwood the color of heartwood.

Sapele, Sapele Mahogany

A light to dark red brown wood of central and western Africa;hard,relatively dense,frequently with ribbon stripe grain;often decoratively figured.

Sapling-frame Construction

Same as bent frame construction.


The conversion into soap which occurs when an alkali,such as the lime in cement,reacts with oils in paint;destroys the adhesion and strength of oil-based paint films.


The wood of a tree between the bark and heartwood;normally lighter in color than the heartwood;equal in strength to heartwood but usually not as decay resistant.

Saracenic Architecture

Same as Muslim architecture.


A portcullis.


An elaborate coffin for an important personage,of terra cotta,wood,stone,metal,or other material,decorated with painting,carving,etc.,and large enough to contain only the body.If larger,it becomes a tomb.

Sarking, Sarking Board

1.A thin board for sheathing,laid under tiles or slating of a roof construction.2.Same as underlayment, 2.


A portcullis.

Sash Adjuster

Same as casement adjuster.

Sash Balance

A spring loaded device,usually a spring balance or tape balance;used to counter balance a sash in a double hung window;eliminates the need for sash weights,sash cords,and pulleys.

Sash Bar.

A secondary framing member to hold panes within a window,a window wall,or a glazed door;same as muntin.

Sash Block

See jamb block.

Sash Casing

Same as sash pocket.

Sash Center.

A support for a horizontally pivoted sash or transom;composed of two parts,a socket which is attached to the frame or jamb,and a pin on which the sash pivots.

Sash Chain

A metal chain used to connect a vertically hung sash with its counterweight;used in place of a sash cord.

Sash Cord Iron

A small metal holder inserted in the edge of the sash of a double hung window to which sash cord or sash chain is attached.

Sash Cord,sash Line

In a double-hung window,a rope connecting a sash with its counter weight,passing over the sash pulley.

Sash Counterweight

See sash weight.

Sash Doo.

See half-glass door.

Sash Fast,sash Fastener,sash Holder

A fastener,screw,or latch for holding two window sashes together to prevent their being opened;often attached to the meeting rails of a double hung window.

Sash Fillister

1.A rabbet cut in a glazing bar to receive the glass and glazing compound or putty.2.A special plane for cutting such rabbets.

Sash Hardware

All window accessories,including sash chains or cords,sash fasteners,sash lifts,sash weights,etc.

Sash Holder

See sash fast.

Sash Lift

See lift,3;window lift.

Sash Lift And Hook,sash Lift And Lock

A sash lift having a locking lever which holds the window fixed by means of a strike in the window frame;raising the sash releases the strike.

Sash Line

A rope by which a sash is suspended  in its frame;also called a sash cord.

Sash Lock

1.A sash fast.2.A sash fast controlled by a key.3.An upright mortised lock.

Sash Plane

A carpenter’s plane for trimming the inside of a window frame or doorframe;has a special notched cutter.