Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Velvet Carpet

Carpet woven on a loom in a manner similar to cloth;the layers of pile yarn loops are bound to a layer of jute;then the pile is cut,forming a smooth surface.


1.A person or organization who furnishes materials or equipment not fabricated to a special design for the work,1.Also see supplier.2.One who sells or contracts to sell real property.Also see purchaser.


1.A thin sheet of wood that has been sliced,rotarycut,or sawn from a log;often used as the top one of several layers of plywood serving as a facing that is bonded to a less attractive wood,or as facing on a fire rated material.2.An outside wall facing of brick,stone, etc.;provides a decorative,durable surface but is not load bearing.3.See brick veneer.

Veneer Base

A type of gypsum lath sheeting,usually 4 ft (121.9 cm) wide,available in various thicknesses and lengths;has a gypsum core with a special paper facing which permits veneer plaster to be applied.

Veneer Plaster.

A one component or two component mill mixed gypsum plaster;applied to a maximum overall thickness of about 3⁄32  in.(0.25 cm);has good bond,high strength;is rapidly installed.

Veneer Tie

A wall tie designed to hold a veneer facing to the wall construction.

Veneer Wall Tie

A strip of metal used to tie a facing veneer to the wall which it covers.

Veneer Wall,veneered Wall

Any wall having a facing which is attached,but not bonded,to the wall.Also see brick veneer.

Veneered Construction

A reinforced concrete or steel framework (or wood construction) which is faced with a thin external layer of marble,structural glass,or some other facing material.

Veneered Door

A door made up of either a solid or a hollow core and veneer faces.

Veneered Plywood

Plywood which is faced with a decorative wood veneer.

Veneered Wall

A wall of veneered construction.For example,a wall having a facing of brick or some other weather resistant noncombustible material that is securely attached to the backing,but not bonded to it.

Venetian Gothic

Same as High Victorian Gothic.

Venetian Arch

A pointed arch in which the intrados and extrados are farther apart at the peak than at the springing line

Venetian Blind

1.A blind,1 made of thin horizontal slats or louvers,so connected as to overlap one another when closed,and to show a series of open spaces for the admission of light and air when open;esp.a hanging blind of which the slats are held together by strips of webbing or other flexible material.2.Adjustable exterior slatted shutters.

Venetian Dentil

A type of dentil;a notched ornamentation consisting of a series of cubical projections alternating with sloped surfaces.

Venetian Door

A door having a long narrow window at each side which is similar in form to that of a Venetian window.

Venetian Mosaic

See Venetian.

Venetian Motif

See Palladian motif.

Venetian Red

A red pigment having a high red iron oxide content.

Venetian Window,Palladian Window,Diocletian Window.

A window of large size,characteristic of neoclassic styles,divided by columns or piers resembling pilasters,into three lights,the middle one of which is usually wider than the others, and is sometimes arched.

Venetian,Venetian Mosaic

A type of terrazzo topping containing large chips.


1.A pipe installed to provide a flow of air to or from a drainage system or to provide a circulation of air within such system to protect trap seals from siphonage and back pressure.2.A vent connector.3.A vent system.4.A ventilator,3.5.A stack designed to allow moisture vapor or other gas from inside a building or building system to escape into the atmosphere.6.See cavity vent.

Vent Cap

A fitting which provides protection for the open end of a vent stack,soil stack,or waste stack;prevents objects from being dropped down the stack.

Vent Connector

A metal pipe which connects the exhaust of a gas appliance to a chimney.

Vent Extension

A pipe from the uppermost drainage branch connection through the roof to the atmosphere.

Vent Flue

Same as vent 1.

Vent Header

A header,4 (i.e., a horizontal vent pipe) that connects the tops of vent stacks or stack vents at the header;a single vent pipe extends from the header to the open air above the roof.

Vent Pipe

1.A pipe,attached to drainage pipes near one or more traps, which leads to outside  air (e.g.,a connection to a vent stack);admits air or takes air away from the drainage pipes and prevents the trap seals from being broken by air pressure within the drainage pipes. 2.A pipe connecting a space on the interior of a building with outside air.

Vent Sash

Same as ventlight.

Vent Stack,main Vent

A vertical vent pipe installed primarily for the purpose of providing circulation of air to or from any part of the building-drainage system,and to prevent the water seals of the traps from being broken by siphonage.

Vent System

A gas vent or chimney,together with a vent connector,that forms a continuous unobstructed passageway from gas burning equipment to the outdoor air for the purpose of removing vent gases.


On drawings,abbr.for “ventilate.”

Vented Form

Formwork constructed to retain the solid constituents of concrete but to permit water and air to escape.

Vented Wall Furnace

A recessed heater;a self-contained vented appliance designed for incorporation in,or permanent attachment to,the structure of a building.

Ventilated Ceiling.

A ceiling containing a multiplicity of air outlets covering a significant part of the ceiling area and acting as a whole (not as individual units).

Ventilating Bead

See draft bead.

Ventilating Brick

A brick with holes in it to provide for air passage.

Ventilating Eyebrow

Same as eyebrow window.

Ventilating Jack

A sheet metal hood over the inlet to a vent pipe to increase the flow of air into the pipe.


The process of supplying or removing air,by natural or mechanical means,to or from any space;such air may or may not have been conditioned.

Ventilation Pipe

Same as vent pipe.


1.In a room or building,any device or contrivance used to provide fresh air or expel stale air.See ridge ventilator,roof ventilator,and slit ventilator.2.A framework,pivoted on hinges,in which panes of glass are set;a pivoted sash.3.Same as ventlight.

Ventilator Frame

An assembly consisting of two rails and two stiles,designed to support the glass of a pivoted sash (ventilator, 2).


The replacement of air that is carried out from a stack into the building drain and sewer by waste.

Venting Loop

Same as loop vent.

Ventlight,night Vent,vent Sash

In a window,a small operable light (pane) with hinges along its upper edge,so that it may be swung open to provide ventilation without opening the entire sash.


An open porch or balcony,usually covered,that extends along the outside of a house or other building;sometimes called a piazza;also see galerie and galería.

Verd Antique,verde Antique

A dark green serpentine rock marked with white veins of calcite;takes a high polish;used for decorative purposes since ancient Rome;sometimes classed as a marble.


1.The edge projecting over the gable of a roof.2.The shaft of a column;a small ornamental shaft.