Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Panel Door

A door having stiles,rails,and sometimes mutins which form one or more frames around (thinner) recessed panels. 

Panel Heating

A system for heating a room or space by panels (in the walls,floor,ceiling,or along the baseboard) in which there are electric heating elements,hot air pipes,or hot water pipes.

Panel House

A brothel in which the rooms are lined with sliding panels which facilitate robberies of house patrons.

Panel Insert

A metal panel usually used to convert a half glass recessed panel type door to an all metal unit.

Panel Lamp

A small lamp or a luminaire used to provide local lighting on instrument panels and the like.

Panel Length

In a truss,the distance between two adjacent joints along either the upper or the lower chord.

Panel Lining

1.Door lining having panels similar to those on the door.2.Lining around a window frame which matches the sash paneling.

Panel Molding

A molding surrounding a panel.See also bolection molding,drop molding. 

Panel Pin

A very slender wire nail with a small head;usually used in finished work.

Panel Point, Node

A point where members of a truss intersect.

Panel Radiator

A radiator which is set into a wall panel or baseboard.

Panel Saw

A small saw having closely set teeth; used in cutting thin panels and the like.

Panel Strip

A narrow piece of metal or wood used to conceal a joint between two sheathing boards forming a panel.

Panel Tracery

Same as perpendicular tracery.

Panel Wall

A non load-bearing wall between columns or piers in skeleton construction;such walls are supported at each story by the building frame.

Paneled Door

Same as panel door.

Panelescent Lamp

See  electroluminescent lamp.


1.In Tudor Revival,the decorative panels formed by half timbering.2.Same as pane,3.

Panhead Rivet

A rivet having a head whose shape is that of a truncated cone.

Panic Hardware

A door locking device used on exit doors;the door latch releases when a bar,across the inside of the door,is pushed.

Panic Latch

See panic exit device.

Panic Switch

An electric switch that controls a security lighting system in a home;often located in the master bedroom.


Any basketlike architectural member,once especially applied to capitals resembling baskets.


A building (often a jail) planned with corridors which radiate from a single,central point. A person located at the central point can observe each of the converging halls.


A building containing an exhibit of an extended pictorial representation of landscape or some event of note;usually depicted of a large, wide area.


1.A temple dedicated to all the Gods. 2.(Cap.) The Rotunda in Rome,formerly a temple to all the gods, now a church. 3.The Pantheon in Paris, the former church of Sainte Geneviève, now a shrine to national heroes.


A drafting instrument for copying drawings, plans,etc.,either on the same scale or on an enlarged or a reduced scale.


1.A serving room between kitchen and dining space.2.A room for storage of food supplies; a larder. 3.A room for preparing refreshments,not complete meals.


A downward outlet from an eaves gutter.

Paper Form

A form for concrete made of a heavy paper material.

Paper-backed Lath

Any lath having a paper backing.

Public Area

Any area which is free and open to the general public at all times.

Public Conveniences

Facilities for public use,such as drinking fountains,restrooms,telephones,and internet connections.