Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Masonry Cramp

A U-shaped metal fastener used to hold adjacent units of masonry together.

Masonry Drill

Same as star drill.

Masonry Filler Unit

A masonry unit which is used to fill the space between joists or beams,providing a platform for a cast in place concrete slab.

Masonry Grout

Any cementitious mixture used to fill voids in masonry.

Masonry Joint

Any joint between masonry units bonded with mortar.See colonial joint,concave joint, excess joint, extruded joint, flat joint,flush cut joint, hick joint,hungry joint, keyed joint, raked joint,rodded joint, rough cut joint, ruled joint, scored joint,scribed joint,skintled joint, spalled joint,struck joint, tooled joint,troweled joint, V-joint,weather joint,weather struck joint.Also see pointing.

Masonry Nail

A hardened steel nail with a knurled or fluted shank;esp.used for fastening to masonry.

Masonry-bonded Hollow Wall

A wall built of masonry units so arranged as to provide an air space within the wall,and in which the facing and backing of the wall are bonded together with masonry units.