Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Manueline Architecture

The last phase of Gothic architecture in Portugal,so named after King Manuel I (1495–1521).

Manufactured Building

A structure which is substantially or wholly made in a manufacturing plant for installation or assembly at a building site.

Manufactured Home

A manufactured building intended as a dwelling.

Manufactured House

Same as prefabricated house.

Manufactured Sand

A fine aggregate produced by crushing rock,gravel,or slag.


A graphic, planar depiction of the earth’s surface, or a portion thereof, drawn to scale.


A hard,tough,moderately high density wood of North America and Europe,light to dark brown in color;has a uniform texture;used for flooring, wood turning,etc.Also see bird’s eye maple.


An enclosure in a mosque which includes the praying niche,made usually of an openwork screen;originally meant for the sultan during public prayers.


Abbr. for marble or “marbleized.”


A metamorphic rock composed largely of calcite or dolomite;often highly polished to enhance its appearanceavailable in different colors that result from differences in mineral content.

Marbled, Marbleized

Having the appearance of marble,or made to look like marble by a special application of paint,as in marbleized wood work,or by integral treatment,as in marbleized plastic tile.

Marbling, Marbleizing

The use of antiquing techniques to achieve the appearance of marble in a paint film.

Marezzo, Marezzo Marble

A cast imitation marble produced with Keene’s cement. Also see artificial stone.


1.The exposed flat surface of the stiles and rails which form the framing around a panel. 2.The projecting surface above the stair nosings in a close string.3.The mitered border around a hearth.4.The exposed surface of a slate or tile which is not covered by the one above.

Margin Draft

In masonry,the plain dressed border on the face of a hewn block;the middle part of the face may be dressed or left rough;also see draft, 2.

Margin Light

See side light.

Margin Of Safety

Same as factor of safety.

Margin Strip

In flooring,a wood  member which forms a border.

Margin Trowel

A plasterer’s trowel which has a box-like shape or sides which turn up so that it is especially useful for working corner angles.

Marginal Bar

A glazing bar which divides a glazed opening so that a central glazed opening is surrounded by narrow panes at the edges.

Marigold Window

A round window whose mullions of tracery radiate;a rose window.

Marine Glue

Any glue which is insoluble in water;usually contains a solution of rubber and/or resins.

Marine Paint

A paint formulated to withstand exposure to sunlight and to fresh and salt water. 

Marine Plywood

Plywood in which the layers of veneer (i.e., plies) have been cemented to each other with a marine glue.

Mark Out

In carpentry,to lay out the lines where cuts are to be made.

Marked Face

The front or face side of a piece  of lumber.


A sign,plaque,or monument that designates a building,site of historic importance,or boundary.

Market Cross

Same as cross,2 or a cross located at the principal market place of a town. 

Market House, Market Hall

Often,a one or twostory rectangular building where butchers,fishmongers,grocers,and peddlers sell their goods on the ground floor often open to the outdoors;sometimes arches or heavy posts support a second story that may house municipal offices.


A building or open place  in which produce,usually of local origin,is sold. 

Marking Gauge, Butt Gauge

A carpenter’s tool for scribing a line parallel to an edge;consists of an adjustable faceplate (which is run along the edge) mounted on a rod containing a marking point.


An earthy deposit;a mixture of clay and carbonate of lime.

Marl Brick, Marl Stock

A superior brick made from marl.


In ancient Roman construction,a cement formed of pounded marble and lime mortar which were well mixed;used in building walls,terraces, etc.

Marmoset, Marmouset

An antic figure,usually grotesque,introduced into architectural decoration in the 13th cent.


A technique for fastening canvas (or the like) to a wall by means of an adhesive. 

Marquee, Marquise

A permanent roof like shelter over an entrance to a building.

Martello Tower

A defensive tower of the 16th century;of Italian origin and usually circular.

Martin’s Cement, Hard-finish Plaster

Similar to Keene’s cement but contains potassium carbonate as an additive in place of alum.


A place where the relics of a martyr are deposited.

Mascaron Stop

A termination at the end of a molding over a door or window.Also called a mask stop.

Mascaron, Mask

The representation of a face,a human or partly human head,more or less caricatured,used as an architectural ornament.

Mash Hammer, Mash

In stoneworking,a short handled heavy hammer with two round or octagonal faces.


1.Preparing surfaces adjacent  to paintwork with a temporary covering of masking tape,or tape plus paper,to keep them free of paint.2.Screening off part of a theater stage from view of the audience.3.The action of rendering one sound inaudible or unintelligible as the result of the presence of another (usually louder) one.

Masking Tape

An adhesive backed paper tape used in masking, 


A person who is skilled in the craft of building with units of natural or artificial mineral products,such as bricks, stones,and cinderblocks,that are usually bonded or cemented with mortar to similar units.


A proprietary name for a widely used commercial hardboard.


1.The art of shaping,arranging,and uniting stone,brick,building blocks,etc.,to form walls and other parts of a building. 2.Construction using masonry units of such materials as clay,shale,glass,gypsum,or stone,set in mortar; this term includes concrete masonry units but excludes reinforced concrete.

Masonry Anchor

The metal piece inside the throat of a hollow metal doorframe which secures the frame to a masonry wall.

Masonry Course

A layer of masonry units running (essentially) horizontally in a wall.