Architectural and Engineering Glossary


In stone masonry,the smaller pieces knocked off in dressing stone.


A partially punched out circular area in the surface of an electrical outlet,junction box,or panel box;can easily be removed with a hammer,pliers,or screwdriver to provide access for the attachment of a raceway cable or fitting.


Same as knob,2.


1.In medieval architecture,a bunch of leaves,flowers,or similar ornament,as the bosses at the intersections of ribs,and bunches of foliage in capitals.2.An ornamental design resembling cords which are interlaced.3.The hard,cross-grained mass of wood formed in a trunk at the place where a branch joins the trunk.4.In fabric construction,the presence of an imperfection that will cause a surface irregularity.

Knot Brush.

A brush having its bristles grouped in one to three thick knots (of round or oval shape);used for distempers.

Knot Garden

A complicated garden design,usually small in area,and making use of plants set in geometric patterns,low hedges of shrubs trimmed into ornamental shapes as borders,and green foliage set off by sharp color contrast.


A compact,roughly circular group of three or more knots in wood,each surrounded by contorted grain.


A hole in a board or plank caused when a knot,3 drops out of the piece of wood. 

Knotted Pillar, Knotted Shaft

A form of pillar,occurring in Romanesque  architecture,so carved as to appear as if knotted in the middle.

Knotting,knot Sealer

A sealer (such as shellac,aluminum paint,or varnish) for knots in new wood;used to prevent bleed through of resin into paints.

Knotty Pine

Wood of the pine tree cut so that the knots form a decorative pattern;used for interior paneling and cabinets.


A carved ornamental arrangement of cord like figures knotted together as in some kinds of fringe,used to decorate voussoirs,moldings,etc.


One of the cylindrically projecting parts of a hinge through which the pin passes. 

Knuckle Bend

A bend having a short radius. 

Knuckle Joint

1.See curb joint.2.A type of hinged joint between two rods.


1.A convex rounded molding of slight projection,consisting of a series of more or less elaborate members separated by indentations.2.Same as knurling.

Knur, Knurl

A knot or burl,1 in wood.


1.A series of small ridges,usually milled on a surface,in order to provide a better surface for gripping or turning;also called milling.2.Same as knulling.


On drawings,abbr.for knockout.


A hard,light red to dark brown wood with a golden luster from the Hawaiian Islands;takes a fine polish,being marked with wavy lines used for veneer,cabinets,and interior finish.


The main, “Golden Hall” of a Buddhist monastery in Japan.


In the ancient Greek theater,the orchestra.

Korina, Limba

A hardwood of central and west Africa,light to moderately heavy,having a straight grain and fine texture;one variety is light cream to pale yellow in color,while the other is light brown;used for paneling.


Abbr.for kickplate.


Abbr.for “kickplate and drip.”


Symbol for “kilopascal,”a unit of pressure equal to 1000 pascals.

Kraft Paper

A heavy,high strength paper,sized with resin,usually brown in color;used as a building paper.


1.In Russia,the citadel of a town or city,serving as an administrative and religious kremlin center.2.(initial cap.) The citadel of Moscow,a 90 acre (36 hectares) area surrounded by 15th century crenelated walls,entered by five steepled gate towers.


Same as crepidoma.


Abbr.for “kilopounds per square inch.”


Abbr.for “kilovolt-ampere.”


1.Symbol for “kilowatt”;a unit of power.2.On drawings,abbr.for kilowatt.


1.Symbol for “kilowatt hour”;a unit of energy equal to 3.6 megajoules.2.On drawings,abbr.for kilowatt-hour.

Kyanize, Kyanise

To preserve wood against decay by steeping it in a mercuric chloride solution.