Architectural and Engineering Glossary

False Plate

Same as wall plate.

False Proscenium

A frame,on stage,directly behind the proscenium arch;used to expose a smaller stage area.

False Roof

A ceiling, an upper room or garret,which is shaped like a roof but is separated from the roof by a dead air space.

False Set, Early Stiffening, Hesitation Set, Plaster Set, Premature Stiffening, Rubber Set

The rapid development of rigidity in a freshly mixed portland cement paste,mortar,or concrete without  the generation of much heat;this rigidity can be dispelled and plasticity regained by further mixing without addition of water.

False Tenon,inserted Tenon

A tenon of hardwood,inserted where the tenon of a jointed timber has insufficient strength.

False Tongue

See spline.

False Window, Blind Window

The representation of a window inserted to complete a series of windows or to give symmetry;a blank window.

False Woodgraining

Simulating a wood grain by painting the surface with a translucent stain,then working the stain into suitable patterns with graining brushes,combs,and rags to provide the appearance of wood;also called faux bois.


Temporary bracing for supporting work under construction which cannot yet support itself.


In urban planning,one or more persons occupying a single living unit.


1.An air-moving device composed of a wheel or blade and housing or orifice plate.2. During construction or demolition of a building,an upwardly projecting arrangement of scaffolding and netting that is intended to catch any debris that might otherwise fall to the ground.Also see axial flow fan,centrifugal fan,plenum fan,propeller fan,return fan,supply fan,tubeaxial fan,vaneaxial fan.

Fan Convector

A concealed radiator in which a fan forces air over fins within the convector;supplies more heat than a radiator ofthe same physical size which lacks the fins and fan.

Fan Fink Truss

A form of Fink truss having sub-diagonals that radiate outward  from a central point.

Fan Groin

Same as fan vault.

Fan Sash

Same as fanlight.

Fan Tracery, Fanwork

Tracery on the soffit of a vault whose ribs radiate like the ribs of a fan.

Fan Truss

A truss which has struts supported at their feet by a common suspension member from which they radiate,diverging like the ribs of a fan. 

Fan Vault

A concave conical vault whose ribs,of equal length and curvature,radiate from thespringing like the ribs of a fan.

Fan Window

A fanlight. 

Fan-coil Unit

In air conditioning,a unit (which is located in the space being air conditioned) containing an air filter,air heating  and/or cooling coils,and a centrifugal fan;the unit receives a supply of fresh air either from a central plant or from the outside by means of an exterior wall opening at the rear of the unit. 

Fan-powered Terminal (FPT),fan-powered Box

In an air conditioning system,a variable air valve with an auxiliary fan to mix induced air from a ceiling plenum with the primary air.


A temple, devoted to pagan worship. 


1.A semicircular or semielliptical window over the opening of a door;commonly with radiating rods or bars suggestive of an open fan.2.Any window occupying a similar position.

Fanlight Catch

A spring catch for locking a hinged window,provided with a means for attaching a controlling cord;esp.used on fanlights.


Any member or construction having a form resembling the construction of a fan,esp.applied to centering having radiating struts.


See fan tracery. 


Abbr. for “finish all over.” 


See floor area ratio.


An infirmary in a monastery complex.


A farmhouse and its adjacent buildings and service areas.


A symbol of Roman authority consisting of a bundle of rods with an ax blade projecting from them.

Fascia Board

Same as eaves fascia.

Fascia Bracket

A bracket attached to an eaves fascia that supports a gutter.

Fascia Gutter

A gutter.

Fascia, Facia

1.Any flat horizontal member or molding with little projection,as the bands into which the architraves of Ionic and Corinthian entablatures are divided.2.Any relatively narrow vertical surface (but broader than a fillet) which is projected or cantilevered or supported on columns or element other than a wall below. Also see platband.


Composed either of bands of molded fasciae,as in the Ionic architrave,or of bands of color. 


A cylindrical bundle of brushwood or the like.Such bundles are used as a foundation mat or to protect a pier foundation from erosion. 

Fast Pinhinge

A hinge in which the pin is fastened permanently in place.

Fast Sheet

See fixed light.

Fast Track

A method of construction management in which building construction begins before all construction details have been finalized in order to speed completion of the project.

Fast-joint Butt

Same as fast-pin hinge.

Fast-response Sprinkler

A type of fire sprinkler (i.e.,sprinkler head) having high thermal sensitivity,so that it responds at an early stage of fire development.


Descriptive of a material,such as a durable paint film,which does not fade when exposed to sunlight.


A mechanical device,weld,or rivet for holding together two or more pieces,parts,members,or the like.


1.The pediment of a portico,so called in ancient architecture because it followed the form of the roof. 2.The crest or ridge of a roof.


1.Material accumulating on a trowel during smooth troweling;used to fill in small imperfections.2.See fat concrete,fat lime, etc.

Fat Mix, Rich Mix

A concrete or mortar mixture containing a high ratio of binder to aggregate,thus providing better spread and workability.

Fat Area

See fat spot.

Fat Board

A mortarboard.

Fat Clay

A clay having a high value of liquid limit and plasticity index.