Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Ejector Grille(Brit.)

1.A  ventilating  grille with slots shaped to force the air out in divergent streams.2.A British term for an air diffuser.

Ejector Vent

A vent pipe used to convey air to a receiving basin that collects sanitary waste discharge.

Ejector, Ejector Pump

1.A type of pump for ejecting liquid,as from a sump;induces fluid flow by entraining the liquid in the flow of a stream of air,steam,or water.2.A cleanout, 1.


On drawings, abbr. for elevation.

Elastic Arch

An arch designed on the basis of  the elastic theory of materials.

Elastic Deflection

The deflection of a structural element when a load is applied to it,and which recovers when the load is removed,as opposed to the deflection resulting from creep.

Elastic Deformation

A change in shape without impairment of the elastic properties of a material. 

Elastic Design

A method of analysis in which the design of a structural member is based on a linear stress strain relationship,assuming  that the working stresses are only a fraction of the elastic limit of the material.

Elastic Limit

The greatest stress which a material is capable of sustaining without permanent deformation upon complete release of the stress.elastic loss In pretensioned concrete,the reduction in prestressing load resulting from the elast shortening of the member.

Elastic Modulus

Same as modulus of elasticity. 

Elastic Shortening

1.In a structural member,a decrease in the length (under an imposed load) which is linearly proportional to the load.2.In prestressed concrete, the shortening of a member which occurs immediately on application of forces induced by prestressing.


The property of a body that causes it  to tend to return to its original shape after deformation (as stretching,compression,or torsion).


A macromolecular material (such as rubber or a synthetic material having similar properties) that returns rapidly to approximately the initial dimensions and shape after substantial deformation by a weak stress and release of the stress.


Said of any material having the properties of an elastomer,as a roofing material which can expand and contract without rupture.Said of any material having the properties of an elastomer,as a roofing material which can expand and contract without rupture.