Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Eaves Channel

A channel or small gutter along the top of a wall;conveys the roof drippings to spouts or gargoyles.

Eaves Cornice

A cornice at the eaves of a roof.

Eaves Course

1.The first course of slates, shingles, or tiles at the eaves on a roof. 2.Same asdouble course.

Eaves Fascia

A board that is nailed vertically at the ends of roof rafters; sometimes supports a gutter; also called a fascia board.

Eaves Flashing

A metal strip which is dressed into an eaves gutter, acting as flashing.

Eaves Lath

A strip of wood beneath the lowest course of shingles on a roof (i.e., at the eaves) that raises the lower edges of the shingles so they are nailed at the same slope as the shingles above them.

Eaves Plate.

A horizontal wood beam,at the eaves,which is supported at its ends by piers or posts;carries the lower ends of roof rafters.

Eaves Soffit

The horizontal surface under projecting eaves.

Eaves Tile, Starter Tile

Tile,usually shorter or plainer than the other roofing tile,used in the first course of tile along the eaves of a building.


Abbr. for “edge bead one side.”


To blacken with paint or stain to look like ebony.


Wood of a number of tropical species usually distinguished by its dark color, durability, and hardness; used for carving, ornamental cabin network, etc.


Not having the same center or center line.

Eccentric Fitting

Any fitting,1 in which the center line is offset from that of the run of pipe. 

Eccentric Load

A load on a column or pile which is nonsymmetric with respect to the central axis,therefore producing a bending moment. 

Eccentric Tendon

In prestressed concrete,a tendon which follows a trajectory not coincident with the gravity axis of the member.

Eccentric-braced Frame

A frame whose centerline braces are offset from the intersection of the centerlines of the columns and beams.


The study of the furnishing and adornment of churches.


The convex projecting molding of eccentric curve supporting the abacus of the Doric capital.Hence the corresponding feature in capitals of other orders,which often had egg and dart ornamentation;any molding of similar profile or decoration.Also see ovolo,bowtell.

Echinus And Astragal

An ornament similar to egg and dart with a bead and reel below it.


Sound waves which have been reflected to a listener with sufficient magnitude and time delay so as to be perceived separately from those communicated directly to the listener.

Eclectic Architecture

Architecture that combines elements and characteristics of a wide range of historic styles.See Exotic Eclectic architecture,French Eclectic architecture,Neo-Eclectic architecture,Spanish Eclectic architecture.


The selection of elements from diverse styles for architectural decorative designs,particularly during the second half of the 19th Europe and the US.

École Des Beaux-Arts

The school in Paris that taught elaborate,historic,and eclectic architecture,designed on a monumental scale,based on classical architecture of Hellenic Greece and Imperial Rome,that adapted features of French architecture of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries; became a State institution in 1863 and still is the center of the teaching of architecture in France. Also see Beaux-Arts style

Economic Rent

That rent on a property which is sufficient to pay all costs of operation,maintenance,and payment of mortgages (but not utilities and services).

Economy Brick

A cored,modular brick whose nominal dimensions are 4 in. by 4 in. by 8 in.(10.16 cm by 10.16 cm by 20.36 cm); actually about 31⁄2  in. by 31⁄2  in. by 71⁄2  in. (8.89 cm by 8.89 cm by 19.05 cm).

Economy Grade Lumber

The lowest grade of lumber; intended for work where price is the primary consideration.Compare with custom grade lumber and premium grade lumber.

Economy Wall

A brick wall, 4 in. (10 cm) thick, back mortared and strengthened at intervals by vertical pilasters to support floor or roof framing.


The projection of any member or molding beyond the face of the member or molding directly below it.


A copy or image in relief or embossed.

Eddy Flow

See turbulent flow.

Edge Bar Reinforcement

In concrete construction, tension steel used as reinforcement to strengthen insufficiently strong edges of a concrete slab.

Edge Bead

See corner bead.

Edge Beam

A stiffening beam at the edge of a slab.

Edge Clearance

The distance between the edge of a pane of glass or a panel and its surrounding frame, measured in the plane of the pane or panel.

Edge Form

A form to limit the horizontal spread of the freshly poured concrete on a flat surface or slab.

Edge Isolation

Same as expansion strip.

Edge Joint

1.A joint formed between two veneers or laminations, in the direction of the grain.2.A joint formed between two boards or plates which are side by side.

Edge Molding, Edging, Edge Strip

Any molding on the edge of a door, counter, or other relatively thin member.

Edge Nailing, Edge Toenailing

Nailing through the edges of boards, such as flooring,so that each board conceals the nailing in the adjacent one.

Edge Plate

On a door,an angle iron or a channel shaped guard used to protect the edge of a door.

Edge Pull

A pull which is mortised into the edge of a sliding door.

Edge Roll

See bowtell.

Edge Set

Descriptive of brick which is laid on its narrow side rather than its flat side.

Edge Shafts

Shafts which sustain arches,united by their sides and back to the nearest wall or arch,so they appear to support their edge only;abundantly used in Norman architecture.

Edge Spacer

In window construction,a spacer which (a) prevents edge contact and (b) positions laterally a pane of glass or panel within a supporting frame.

Edge Toenailing

See edge nailing.

Edge Tool, Edged Tool

Any tool having a sharp cutting edge,such as a plane or chisel.

Edge Tracking

In painting with a roller,the trails that may result from either or both ends of the paint roller.

Edge Vent

One of the openings at the perimeter of a roof to relieve possible water vapor pressure in the roof system.