Architectural and Engineering Glossary


See cinquefoil. 


1.An indentation separating one element from another,as  between moldings,or between the abacus and echinus of a Doric capital.2.A V-groove in the finish-coat plaster where it abuts the return on a door or window;reduces the possibility of cracking by freeing the two surfaces.

Quirk Bead, Bead And Quirk, Quirked Bead

1.A bead with a quirk on one side only,as on  the edge of a board. 2.A recessed or double quirked bead,where the bead is flush with the adjoining surface and separated from it by a quirk on each side.Also called flush bead.3.A return bead,in which the bead is at a corner with quirks at either side at right angles to each other.4.A bead with a quirk on its face.

Quirk Molding, Quirked Molding

A molding characterized by a sudden and sharp return from its extreme projection or set-off and made prominent by a quirk running parallel to it.

Quitclaim Deed

A written instrument whereby the seller conveys only whatever interest he has in property,but makes no warranties or representations as to the nature of that interest or as to the absence of any limitations or restrictions thereon,or even that he has any right to the property at all. 

Quoin Block

Same as corner block.

Quoin Bonding

In masonry,bonding at a corner with alternating stretchers and headers.

Quoin Header

A quoin which is a header in  the face of a wall and a stretcher in the face of the return wall.

Quoin Post

Same as heelpost.

Quoin Stone

A quoin.

Quoin, Coign, Coin

In masonry,a hard stone or brick used, with similar ones,to reinforce an external corner or edge of a wall or the like;often distinguished decoratively from adjacent masonry;may be imitated in non-load-bearing materials.Occasionally imitated,for decorative purposes, by wood that has been finished to look like masonry.


Any architectural members which form a quoin.

Quonset Hut

A prefabricated structure,developed during World War II,that has a semicylindrical shape;commonly  constructed of corrugated steel fastened to arched  steel  ribs that are rigidly fastened to a concrete slab floor. 


A price quoted by a contractor,sub contractor,material supplier,or vendor to furnish materials,labor,or both.