Architectural and Engineering Glossary

Gas Piping System

The collective gas service piping,gas meter piping,and gas distribution piping.

Gas Pliers

Sturdy pliers having concave jaws with serrated faces;esp.useful for gripping pipe or other round objects.

Gas Pocket,blowhole

A hole or void,as in a casting,which results from entrained air.

Gas Pressure Regulator

A device for controlling and maintaining a uniform gas pressure;required when (a) the pressure of the gas supply is higher than the pressure at which the branch supply line or gas utilization equipment is designed to operate,or (b) the pressure varies beyond design limits of the utilization equipment.

Gas Refrigeration

Refrigeration involving the use of machinery in which the refrigerant is heated by a gas flame.

Gas Room

A fully enclosed room,separately ventilated, in which toxic and highly toxic compressed gases and associated equipment and supplies are used or stored.

Gas Service Piping

The gas supply piping from the street gas main up to and including the gas service line valve.

Gas Service-line Valve

The valve located at (or below) grade on the supply side of a gas meter or service regulator.

Gas Station

A building or stand where fuel for motor vehicles is sold.Facilities for motor vehicle repair are often a part of the station.

Gas Vent

A vent pipe leading to the outside air from a gas furnace or other gas fired equipment for removal of gaseous products of combustion.

Gas Welding

Any one of a group of welding processes in which coalescence is produced by heat from one or more gas flames; sometimes a filler metal is used; pressure may or may not be applied to the materials being welded.

Gas-filled Lamp

An incandescent lamp in which the filament operates in an inert gas atmosphere within the bulb.


Heated by the combustion of gaseous fuel.

Gas-fired Water Heater

A direct fired water heater using natural gas,manufactured gas,or propane gas as its source of fuel.

Gaseous Discharge

The emission of light from gas atoms excited by an electric current.

Gaseous Discharge Lamp

A lamp that produces light by means of an electrical discharge of gas inside the bulb;the most commonly used gases are neon,helium,and xenon.


1.A continuous strip of resilient material attached to a door or doorframe to provide a tight seal between the door and frame;acts as weather stripping and as a light and sound seal.2.Any ring of resilient material,used at a joint to prevent leakage.

Gasket Glazing Glazing

which is set into an opening and held in place by an elastomeric gasket.

Gasketed Joint

A joint utilizing a gasket under compression to join cast iron soil pipe and ductile iron sewer and pressure pipe.The end of each pipe must be of a type suitable for the individual joint.


Plaster as used in Persia for decorative purposes.


A passageway through a fence, wall, or other barrier, which slides, lowers, or swings open or shut.

Gate Contact

See car door contact.

Gate Operator

An electromechanical device which opens or closes a gate when a switch supplies it with voltage.

Gate Pier

A brick,concrete,or stone gatepost. 

Gate Tower

A tower containing a gate to a fortress.

Gate Valve, Full-way Valve

A flow control device consisting of a wedge shaped gate which can be raised to allow full,unobstructed flow or can be lowered to restrict the flow passage;not intended for close fluid flow control nor for very tight shutoff.


A building, enclosing or accompanying a gateway for a castle, manor house,or similar buildings of importance.


A post,usually one of a pair,between which a gate swings or slides;see hanging post.


1.A passage through a fence or wall.2.A frame,arch,etc.,in which a gate is hung.3.A structure at an entrance or gate designed for ornament or defense.


See fullness.


A transition between two sections (as in a chimney, flue,or duct) which have different areas.

Gauge Board

1.Same as gauging board.2.A pitch board.

Gauge Box

Same as batch box.

Gauge Glass

A device which indicates the level of a liquid in a tank,vessel,or the like.

Gauge Pile

See guide pile.

Gauge Pressure

The pressure,of a gas or liquid,minus the value of atmospheric pressure. 

Gauge Rod

A measuring stick for checking theaccuracy of the gauge in brickwork;called a story rod if used to mark floor and sill levels.

Gauge Stick

See scantle.


1.The thickness of sheet metal or metal tubing, usually designated by a number. 2.The diameter of wire or a screw, usually designated by a number. 3.The distance between two points, such as parallel lines of connectors.4.A strip of metal or wood used as a guide to control the thickness of a bituminous or concrete paving;called a screed when used in plastering.5.A measuring instrument, esp. one for measuring liquid level,dimensions,or pressure. 6.See mortise gauge.7.In roofing,the length of a shingle,slate,or tile that is exposed when laid.8.The quantity of gauging plaster used with common plaster (lime putty) to hasten its setting, etc.9.To mix gauging plaster with lime putty, to effect better control of the set, to prevent shrinkage of the lime putty,and to increase its strength. 10.To cut,chip,or rub stone  or brick to a uniform size or shape.


Descriptive of a material which has been ground so that various pieces are of the same thickness or of a desired shape.

Gauged Arch

An arch of wedge shaped bricks which have been shaped so that the joints radiate from a common center.

Gauged Brick

1.A brick of special shape that has been cut with a chisel or saw and then ground (for example,on coursed sandstone) to accurate dimensions.2.A tapered arch brick.

Gauged Mortar

Mortar consisting of a mixture of cement,lime,and sand in specified proportions.

Gauged Skim Coat

In plastering,a very thin final coat of gauging plaster and lime putty,troweled to a smooth,hard finish.

Gauged Stuff

A term occasionally used for lime plaster or for lime mortar.

Gauged Work

1.A precise brickwork in which bricks are cut or sawn to shape and then rubbed to an exact size and smooth finish.2.Plastering,such as the application of moldings or ornaments,which is done with gauged plaster.


The addition of a measured quantity of material to lime mortar in order to modify its properties.

Gauging Board

A board on which cement,mortar,or plaster is mixed.

Gauging Box

A batch box.

Gauging Plaster

A special gypsum plaster mixed with lime putty;used as a finish coat.