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One Kanal House Floor Plan

6297 6 6 2 20

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Total Rs. 66496 .00
Cost to Build

Estimated cost to building Grey Structure


  • 6297

    Covered Area sq.ft

  • 6


  • 6


  • 2


One kanal House floor plan

Bylaws This Plan Comply

This Plan comply with following regional building Bylaws

What does mapia offers in a complete set?

Here is what exactly you get when buying a house floor plan from us. It is more than just a 3d model picture. Your purchased floor plan contains the details needed to construct your perfect dream home. Read below to see what’s included, different options, and what to know before starting your construction project.

Here’s what a floor plan set usually includes

*Not all plan sets include all drawings listed below. See the ‘Floor plan set purchasing options chart’ on specific floor plan to get complete information.

Below is a listing of drawings typically included in our floor plans:

1- Foundation or Excavation Plan

Top view of the footings or foundation walls, showing their area and their location by distances between centerlines and by distances from reference lines or boundary lines.

2- Architectural Working Floor Plan

Top view of the floor, indicating sizes of spaces and parallel lines that scale at whatever width the walls, rooms, door and windows are required.

3- Building Exterior Elevation

The view building structure showing features such as construction materials, design, height, dimensions, windows, doors, other architectural features. Elevation is a 2d view, representing one side of Floor Plans.

4- Building Cross Section

Cut through details of a space vertically. Sections are a common design drawing and technical architectural or engineering details.

5- Door and Window Schedule

Door and Window schedules are a useful way of showing complex information about the different door and window sizes and types that are specified on the floor plan to ensure proper installation.

6- Structural Drawing

A structural drawing is a type of Engineering drawing, showing details of how a building or other structure will be built. Structural drawings are generally consists of Slabs, Columns and Beams steel details.

7- Electrical Drawings

An electrical drawing is technical drawing that shows information about power, lighting, and communication.

8- Plumbing Drawing

A plumbing drawing is a type of technical drawing that provides information relating to a plumbing system, location of fixtures, sanitary ware, pipework, valves etc. and how fresh water is to be supplied into a building and waste water drained out including manhole and septic tank details.

Read before you purchase!
  1. Our house plans were designed to meet or exceed national building standards at the time they were drawn. Some cities and municipalities have their own local bylaws and building regulations. Before building, contact your local authorities to make sure you comply with regulations and bylaws, including obtaining any necessary permits or inspections as building progresses. In some cases, minor modifications to your home plans by your builder, designer or engineer may be required to meet local conditions and requirements. The purchaser should ensure that the home plans comply with all applicable bylaws and are suitable for a particular site, including any subdivision restrictions, before actual construction begins. Because we have no control over the selection of your builder, or other professionals, we cannot be responsible for the advice or assistance you receive from them or for the methods they use.
  2. Every city and society is different. Our plans contain enough information to build a home, but they may not include all of the information that your local authority requires. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of actual construction, we strongly advise that you consult your local building office to verify what you will need to submit for your building permit.
  3. Mapia represents hundreds of designers, each with their own standards for plans. Look in the “Plan Content Section” on each individual plan page to see what is included with that particular plan.
What is not included in the floor plans?
  1. Site Plan
  2. Architectural or Engineering Stamp
  3. Mechanical Drawings
Other Important Information

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Plan details

Area Description

  • Plot Size: 20 Marla | 500 yards
  • Total Covered Area: 6297 sq.ft | 700 yards
  • Ground Floor Covered Area: 2771 sq.ft | 308 yards
  • First Floor Covered Area: 2095 sq.ft | 233 yards
  • Second Floor Covered Area: 0 sq.ft | 0 yards
  • Basement Covered Area: 1431 sq.ft | 159 yards
  • Mumty Room Area: 0 sq.ft | 0 yards

Construction Method

  • Method(s): Brick and Mortar (Load Bearing)


  • No of Beds at Ground Floor: 3
  • No of Beds at First Floor: 2
  • No of Beds at Second Floor:
  • No of Beds in Basement: 1
  • Total No of Beds: 6
  • No of Baths at Ground Floor: 3
  • No of Baths at First Floor: 2
  • No of Baths at Second Floor:
  • No of Baths in Basement: 1
  • Half Baths: 1
  • Total No of Baths: 6
Architectural Styles