What are Gems and why Professionals needs them (Architects and Contractors)

This website is designed to promote professionals, bridge the gap between people and professionals, expand human potential in the construction industry, and reach the common people with the best service providers in the industry.
We have simplified the process and excited to offer architectural and construction services providing for any potential client through this Portal.
At the time of registration, mapia awards 900 gems to every newly registered professional for free. These gems are needed to contact service seekers.
These free gems are awarded to Professionals to test the website system and become acquainted with "how the website works for professionals".
It is easy and simple to use these Mapia gems. When a service seeker initiates a service inquiry, a project is created in the system and a mail goes to every professional falling in the required services category. The same information is also available in all professionals’ dashboard from where they can connect with the prospect.

What are Gems :

Professionals need gems to contact any potential lead or client. Mapia deduct certain number of gems from the pros account. Gems must be available in pros account before they contact any potential lead. Detail of gems usage and deduction criteria is mentioned below.

Gem Deduction Cycle :

Mapia do not deduct any gem from a professional’s account when they send first message to the prospect. We deduct the gems when a potential lead reply back to the message. For this we make sure that the inquiry is not fake and the inquirer is seriously looking for service providers.

Usage Formula :

We have a set criterion on deducting gems from professional accounts.
We charge 200 gems on all projects, which are less than 10 marla (250 yards) and 300 gems on all projects above this size (each gem appx. cost around one Pakistani rupee, and less when buy in bulk). Services including, architectural, interior designing, landscaping and construction projects. Gems are deducted only when the above-mentioned cycle is completed.

Pay As You Go :

In fact, it is a win-win situation for our professionals. Mapia do not ask for any annual or monthly subscription fee from our enlisted service providers, and they are not liable to pay anything for keeping their firm alive at mapia. You pay only when you are available and contact a prospect lead and that replies you back. Your available gems never expire and can be used any time in future.

How to buy Gems ?

When a professional is low at gems and interested to contact any potential lead or potential client, they can buy gems from the link below.


Our Architects can also earn free gems by uploading floor plans at mapia. Here is our Gems awarding formula to uploaders (Architect, Designer)