Publishing your "Floor Plans"

We encourage architects whether freelancers, run their firms or work from home. They are new in this profession or veterans it does not matter. Your work (Floor Plans) will speak for your expertise.

Mapia is looking for high quality house floor plans designed to appeal modern requirements and want to bring together creative and professional architects at its platform. The plans must be out standing in design and photorealistic, carrying thorough information along with.

At this time, we are, interested in plans for 3 marla -2 kanal or 75 yards-1000 yards house floor plans.

Mapia will publish them in the Floor Plans section, helping you to sell them as the ready-made house plans.

So, don’t wait! Dig out your previously finished floor plans form computer hard-drives. They can be sold multiple times in digital formats to earn recurring income.



What we require from you?

All you need to do is to add all the selected drawings (list is mentioned below) in a single cad-drawing and upload it through your dashboard in the Floor Plans add option.

The rest of the work will be done by the in-house team at mapia. Our team will prepare jpeg or png image files with basic details for the potential buyer and publish them at website.

Once a buying request comes to mapia from a potential buyer, the mapia staff will prepares pdf files for the client.


Our Guarantee:

Mapia assures and guarantees that the provided floor plans are in save hands. It never shares plans and drawings by any means to anyone in cad format. The site is also right click protected, preventing site visitors form saving picture although all the images are watermarked with mapia logo.

Incentives while uploading floor plans:

Mapia awards Gems on each floor plan uploaded to it site, which means architect will get double benefits. First, they can use these gems as incentives in the bidding process, and secondly they will get recurring income through selling these floor plans as long as they remain available for sale at the website.

Gems Awarding Formula To Uploader (Architect, Designer)

Our Architects and Designer also earn gems through the plans they upload to sell through mapia.
Mapia not only shares the commission on selling the floor plans, but also awards gems to the uploaders as an additional incentive that can be used in bidding or contacting the prospect lead.
Twenty percent (20%) gems will be awarded against total the covered area to each uploader as an incentive.

Find Out What are Gems ?

Take a Nap:

Mapia promises to make specialized endeavors for bringing motivated shoppers looking for ready-made house plans through its network partners, pro-active marketing and social media advertising, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization etc.

For every sale opportunity, mapia team would arrange for everything including communication with the buyer, required construction drawings and documents, and their printing and shipping etc. We will also collect the money from the buyer and transfer the share to the seller’s account. Every sale would be transparent with record available within the architect’s dashboard.

Your Dignity is important to us:

We take our member’s professional dignity and privacy seriously; therefore, published plans would be carrying a unique number instead of architect or the firm’s name. Each floor plan start with your unique number allotted you when you registered with mapia which is also available at your profile page.. The next digits represent the number of floor plans shared by an architect and size of the plot.

The benefits of publishing floor plans with mapia:

  1. Increase your personal income.
  2. Enjoy multiple sale revenue without devoting long hours to a client.
  3. Get exposure through our website, supported by a robust promotional and marketing program that includes email, blog, print, and digital publications.
  4. Get acquainted with mapia team, who know well the architecture and construction industry and customers.
  5. Join us free, no fees are charged.
  6. Benefit from a high level of customer satisfaction by partnering with the industry leader, offering customers free one-on-one professional advice and comprehensive online services such as Cost-to-Build estimating and modification services.
  7. Every month, hundreds of thousands of service seekers search our site. We have a superior search product and the most compelling site in the industry.
  8. Rest assured! mapia runs by professionals for the professionals and it is all at your disposal.

Drawing sets and details we need from you:

Before uploading any floor plans set, please fill out all the details needed for the floor plan. If you feel, it is hard to write description and any special features for this specific floor plan, let us our in-house team do it for you. But we still need the basic information from you including plot size, total covered area, number of floors, number of beds and number of baths etc.

Please upload all the drawings in one single cad drawing; we need all these drawing sets to qualify any floor plan to publish at our website. We strictly follow these criteria to sell it at our website.




Architectural Working Drawings Set :

  • Foundation or Excavation Plan
  • All Working Floor Plans
  • All Working Elevations
  • All Working Sections
  • Any Blowup Details
  • Door Window Schedule and Details

Structural Working Drawings Set :

  • Foundation Details
  • All Floor Structure Details
  • All Details of Columns and Beams

Electrical Drawings Set :

  • All Electrical Floor Plans Details
  • Schematic or Riser Diagram
  • Electrical Legends

Plumbing or PH Drawings :

  • All Plumbing and Sewerage Plans Details

Doors and Windows Details :

  • All Details of Doors and Windows and Schedule

3D Rendered Image :

  • 3D photorealistic rendered image minimum resolution 2000x1600px

As mentioned above, the awarding of gems is subject to the provided drawing sets by the Architects (please note this is an additional incentive out of sharing the original profits on selling floor plans). Each set of drawings has a different percentage value, as mentioned in the above schedule. Maximum 20% gems will be awarded against total covered area of floor plans. Taking the example from below, An Architect Designer will earn an extra 2928.00x20%= 586 Gems when they upload a floor plan of 2928.00 sft covered area.

Gems Awarding Formula for uploaders 20% of Covered Area
      Total Area Gems % Total Gems
  % Percentage 2928 20 585.60
Architectural Drgs Set 48 %     281.09
3Ds 2 %     11.71
Structural Drgs Set 25 %     146.40
Electrical Drgs Set 10 %     58.56
Plumbing Drgs Set 10 %     58.56
Door Windows Drgs Set 5 %     29.28
        Total Gems 585.60

Floor Plans selling price formula and criteria

For example: 
A 10 Marla House (250 Yards) has an area of : 
Ground Floor : 1516.00 sft.
First Floor : 1137.00 sft.
Mumty or Second Floor : 175.00 sft
And there is no Basement : 
The total covered area is : 1516+1137+175= 2928.00 sft.

Selling Rates criteria of Floor Plans

Rs. 25.00/sft for the total covered area up-to 10 Marla (250 Yards) is applied, including all drawing sets.
Architectural Set : (Foundation or Excavation Plan, All Floor Plans, All Elevations & Sections)
3Ds: Rendered 3D Picture
Structural Drawings : (Set of all Structural related Details and Drawings, Typical Structural Drawings etc.)
Electrical Drawings : (Set of all Electrical related Details and Drawings)
Plumbing Drawings : (Set of all Plumbing and Sewerage related Details and Drawings)
Doors and Windows Details : (Set of all related Details and Drawings)
Therefore, a 10 Marla (250 yards) house Floor Plan price will be, including all above mentioned drawing sets:
Total Price: Total Covered Area x Rate of Per Sft.
Total Price : 2928.00 x 25= 73200.00 Rs

Calculation and Breakdown of Drawing Sets Rates :

Architectural Set :      48% of total Value of Price (73200.00x48%= 35,136.00 Rs.)
3D Rendered Image : 2% of total Value (73200.00x2%=1,464.00 Rs.)
Structural Drawings : 25% of total value: (73200.00x25%= 18,300.00 Rs.)
Electrical Drawings : 10% of total value (73200.00x10%= 7,320.00 Rs.)
Plumbing Drawings : 10% of total value (73200.00x10%= 7,320.00 Rs.)
Doors and Windows details : 5% of total Value (73200.00x5%=3,660.00 Rs.)

Rs. 22.00/sft for total covered area from 11 marla up-to 40 marla is applied, including all drawing sets mentioned above.

We share whooping 46% percent profits on selling the floor plans with our architects and designers, inclusive all taxes and service charges. ( i.e Rs. 33,672.00 taking from above mentiond example)