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There are a lot of bright folks with innovative ideas and tips to share. That's why we decided to kick off a Blog written entirely by you -- our students in Pakistan.

This is a great opportunity for you to show your expertise, promote your ideas, gain exposure, establish new contacts, and get insights and feedback from the community. It will, also, be a pleasure for us to discuss your ideas with the industry professionals and keep the conversation on.

Mapia is an ever-growing community of professionals, including architects, engineers, service providers and vendors who are ready to exchange information and experiences on all the forms of design and construction. Publishing your writings on mapia as a student blogger will give the required exposure to your talent. It would also be your pre-introduction with professionals before you embark upon your own carrier.

Content writing or blogging is a very powerful tool to introduce “ YOU ” heart to the outer world.

Why write for

You will make a difference in people’s lives:

Mapia is a community dedicated to help improve the professionals’ lives and your work will contribute to this mission. We offer practical advice, information, resources and the motivation to help our readers realize their full potential.

Find a huge audience for your work:

Once your blog post is published, our social and distribution mechanism will come into action to make sure it reaches the right people. Posted on our homepage, your work will be promoted through our social networks such as Twitter and Facebook etc. with a huge following from the architecture and construction industry.

Promote your yourself being student:

Our contributors appreciate the exposure they get on mapia through exertions relevant to our mission. We allow you to write a short biographical inside your profile to appear along with your article. In this you can include personal details and social media handles you like.

Contribute when you can:

As a student contributor, you are the boss. You can contribute whenever you like without specific timeline.

Or become a regular contributor:

Successful student contributors will have the opportunity to get compensated for their work by becoming regular contributors. If we determine (generally after 5-10 contributions) that you are a good match, we will offer you to join our team.

Benefits of Student Blogger at

Reach new audience: 

It's always exciting to meet new people, sharing interests and knowing the 'geeky' stuff you talk about. Student blogging is a great way to get your message beyond your usual readership and gain new readers, subscribers and, who knows, maybe even business partners.

Get direct visitors: 

It’s simple. People read your post, see the links to your profile in the bio and click through to learn more about you and your profession.

Position yourself as an expert: 

Writing a blog increases your online presence and helps you grow as an expert in the industry (given you know your stuff, of course).

Reflective learning:

Blogging allows students to reflect on their learning and experiences in a structured way. It can help students process and synthesize new information, and can also help them identify areas where they need further learning or clarification.

Improved writing skills:

Blogging can help students develop their writing skills, as they must carefully craft their posts to convey their ideas and make them interesting to readers.

Public portfolio:

A blog can serve as a public portfolio of a student's work, showcasing their projects and design ideas to a wider audience. This can be useful for job searching or promoting their work to potential clients.

Networking opportunities:

Blogging can help students connect with other architects and professionals in the field, potentially leading to networking opportunities and collaborations.

Increased visibility:

By blogging about their work and ideas, students can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. This can be especially important for students who are just starting out in their careers and looking to build a professional reputation.

Get feedback: 

There's no better way to test concepts and improve your ideas other than to expose them to fellow professionals. Even when you think you know all ins and outs of something, be sure to discover new things and fresh views in the comments.

  • You will also receive free social media promotion on a vast number of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Your article will be featured on our website for all of our visitors to see.
  • You can submit as many articles as you like showcasing your skills and earning more trust and reputation.


Our guidelines, mentioned as below, are simple and straight forward, by following them, you’ll greatly increase the chances of being approved.

We’re Looking for Posts That:

  1. High quality and readers’ engaging writings.
  2. Written or adopted by keeping the interest of mapia readers in mind.
  3. That expresses personality, community, and opinion.
  4. Bring something new to the table. (Cover relevant topics, fresh ideas, and / or innovations in architecture, design and construction)
  5. Having ideas and information majority of professionals may not have heard of before.
  6. Have the “shareability factor,” tempting people to share it via Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms. This will help bring massive exposure to your content.
  7. Do not infringe copyright laws what-so-ever (Images and content)


Posts only relevant to the overall website topic -- architecture and construction-- produce best results on mapia. Of course, anything that helps students improve their blogging will get readers’ attraction, too.

Mapia readers love practical tips and how-to gigs. Give readers information that can be applied to their professions, and you’ll be popular in no time. Topics in which we’re particularly interested right now include (but not limited to):

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping
  • Civil Engineering
  • Case Studies in Engineering
  • Research and Tips in Arch and Eng.

100% Exclusive Content:

All content submitted as a student blogger must be 100% unique and written/adopted specifically for mapia. The same content may not be used anywhere else without prior permission. We will retain full ownership of the published blog posts.


Images are always a vital part of all the writings. At least one image is must with a post (multiple images are recommended). The images must be topic relevant and free of any royalties or copyrights. (Creative commons license images for example).

If an image says that it is available only for non-commercial uses, then we can’t use it.

Please send us a link to the image’s original location, and be sure to credit the image’s owner when applicable (Including their name and a link to their website).

Try using images that are attention grabbing and best describe and point to your writings (You may also use self-made screenshots if you like).

Length of your Writings:

Your post could be as long enough to convey your message properly and effectively. No words limit is fixed. Remember! Length isn’t a factor but quality is. Stick to your own style and choose a length that suits you well.

Editing your post:

We reserve the right to edit your post, including title, grammar, punctuation, images etc. Please don’t be offended, if it happens to your post as it’s only ensures quality. We want more eyes on your post, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

We rarely edit posts heavily, but we may change titles, rework openings or conclusions.

Occasionally, we’ll send a post back to you with suggested additions, omissions, or changes. This generally suggests we feel the post could be further enhanced in ways that go beyond some basic editing. We’re resolute to carry only up to the mark and flawless posts for our worthy reader.

Author Bio:

This is where you tell a bit about yourself in one or 2 sentences. Your Department and College or university you are currently enrolled. We want to help you get as much exposure as possible since you took the time to write some amazing content for us! You may also include links to your twitter, linkedin and facebook, if you’d like.

No spam & self-promotion:

Even if you think that you are a best writer, please don't make it all about yourself (you've got the Author Bio box for that).

Articles that will not be accepted:

  • Articles found elsewhere on the web. A published article will also be removed from our blog, if found somewhere else on the web.
  • Promotional articles for a product or service.
  • Articles with links to unrelated sites.
  • General articles without useful content.
  • Articles with inappropriate language.
  • Linking to banned sites and redirects, adult content will not be tolerated and the blogger will be banned immediately.
  • Submitting content and images carrying copyright restrictions. Similarly, material Infringing others rights under the copyright laws.
  • Articles on fully covered topics on mapia.

How to Submit Articles:

We provide you facility to get register yourselves on our website at register as Blogger and start submitting your contents to us. We will publish your article usually in the next 72 hours if it passes all the guidelines listed here. We retain the right to reject any article without further notice. If your article is accepted you will receive a confirmation mail.

We strongly encourage you to promote your article on social media sites, once it is published.

You can submit as many articles as you like showcasing your skills and talent to other professionals in the industry.

Please create you account first to start publishing your work

  • Sign-up as a Blogger
  • Select "Blogger" as User Type
  • There is no Referral Code Require when creating Blogger account
  • Crete your account and verify both email and Mobile number
  • Update your profile after successful account creation and verification
  • Start uploading your work from your Dashboard within your account

Update you Profile:

We strongly encourage you to update your profile at your earliest, including your bio and picture, so you can get a maximum exposure to our community.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to contact us with your post, please contact us via our contact or support numbers.

We look forward to networking with you,

Thank you!