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The ENSO Design (ED) was established in 2018 by Uzair Maqsood with an office in Pakistan. ED have multiple joint venture partners, including one international partner “Triga Design”, which is Turkish based design firm and is specialized in hospitality designs. Some of the most highlighted projects done as a joint venture by ENSO Design and Triga Design are in Europe and Gulf.

ENSO Design engages architects and interior designers together with supporting staff including 3D visualization artists, model makers, and management staff right according to need of projects. We are specialized in sustainable designs through biomimicry as we consider it as one of the most prior responsibilities of an architect to create designs which can grow with the environment. Due to which our design skills extend beyond mere architectural services. Our work also includes interior design services, town planning, and urban design services, landscape design services, architectural photography and exhibition design services.

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